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Friday, January 1, 2010

Waiting For 2010

I've stayed up til 3am, so with the time difference from where this comes, I am here right after midnight and it is Jan 1, 2010. Didn't want to wait until morning, this morning after I finally go to bed. The night air is cold and damp from the rain, but it is fresh with new beginnings and I find it exhilarating. Just gave the hounds their last run in the yard. Brrrr. Chilled to the bones but ready for the world.

My book goes to Outskirts Press today (via the Internet of course, is there any other way?)and a new chapter in my life begins on this first day of the new year. My book. The Unfaithful Widow, Fragmented Memoirs Of My First Year Alone. My ramblings on getting a life back. And buying a vintage corvette to send my soul on it's journey. I'll be sharing parts of it here with my Lessons Learned. And of course, the dogs who rescued me are a part of all that is good again and the subject of most of my rantings here.
So Happy New Year to me and to anyone who wanders into my little blog in this world.
Widow Lesson Learned: Staying up late is a fun thing, until it hits you in the face in the morning.

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