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Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Signing At The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques

I am really excited! My shop will have its first book signing on Saturday, Feb. 5th. Not just any book, but a Steampunk novel. For those who aren't sure what Steampunk is, check out the author's web coalcitysteam! You will get excited too. This is going to be the most fun afternoon!

Emilie P. Bush was a former host of Georgia Public Television's Georgia Gazette. This is her debut novel, "Chenda and The Airship Brofman". She was a 2010 Amazon Breathrough award finalist.

We are going to have fun, fun, fun!

I am posting here my invite to the event and then the You Tube video of her book trailer.

Have fun. Wish you were here to join me! If you are in town, you don't want to miss meeting Emilie P. Bush!
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques Has An Etsy Storefront Online

Come shop with us on Etsy. New items added daily to our online shop, ShopOfOnesOwn!

The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques has just opened a shop on Etsy, AShopOfOnesOwn. New items will be added daily, so be sure to come by and check us out. And if you are in the Lilburn, Georgia area, stop by 94 Main Street, Lilburn, Ga. and visit The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques in the heart of Old Town!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Day On Kindle Nation! Review of The Unfaithful Widow

I haven't talked about my book lately, with all the other news going on in my life, ie, opening my shop this week. But I am working on some great things for my book this year, have started my own publishing company, Gilbert Street Press, and am working on two new books. A few months back I joined Support Kindle Nation and today my book is reviewed! Very exciting. This review goes to 6400 Kindle newsletter subscribers!

Kindle Nation Daily Free Book Alert, Thursday, January 20: 5-Star Fiction from the Hollywood Nobody series, plus ...Think "Joan Didion's Year of Magical Thinking Meets Jane Juska's Round-Heeled Woman" and You've Got The Unfaithful Widow: Fragmented Memoirs Of My First Year Alone by Barbara Barth (Today's Sponsor)

Another great 5-star entry in Lisa Samson's YA "Hollywood Nobody" series tops this morning's freshly updated presentation of our 350+ Free Book Alert listings....

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor

And, speaking of 5 stars, here's a new discovery for your Kindle bookshelf that's been getting nothing but 5-star reviews!

Widowed, Barbara Barth has to figure out how to get happy again. No subject is taboo in her essays, she says. "From dealing with the funeral home (Can I show you our upgraded cremation package?)... to dating again... and those questions you hate to ask (Condoms anyone?)."

"It's a book for anyone seeking entertainment and anyone who might benefit from inspiration to keep going. It's also for everyone who likes dogs and soft-core dirty talk." --Michael N. Marcus, author of Stories I'd Tell My Children

The Unfaithful Widow

Fragmented Memoirs Of My First Year Alone

by Barbara Barth

5.0 out of 5 stars 5 Reviews

Kindle Price: $2.99

Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Don't have a Kindle? Get yours here.

"Grief defeated by laughter"

"Not just for widows !!!!!!"

Here's the set-up:

Welcome To My World. Doing All Those Things I Thought I’d Never Do Again.

The Unfaithful Widow is a collection of essays and fragmented thoughts on finding joy again after the loss of a mate. A memoir of the first year alone written with warmth and laughter, no subject is taboo. From dealing with the funeral home (Can I show your our upgraded cremation package? I looked at Miss Death, was I booking a vacation?) to dating again (He ran in the door, looked at me and said “I’ve left something in my car.” He never returned). Sprinkle in a bevy of rescue dogs (Finally a good nights sleep with someone new in my bed.) and those questions you hate to ask (Condoms anyone?). A story for anyone who has suffered loss and is determined to become their own super hero.

What the Reviewers Say

This is a charming story of how one woman fought her way back from the grief of losing her husband to a new future filled with faith and happiness. As you go along on her year's journey, you will cry a little, laugh a lot as she experiences trying to date on line, and the joy that came from adopting neglected dogs to fill her life with love.

This is not just a book for widows. This is a book for anyone who has a void to fill in her life. Be prepared for surprises with every chapter that will delight you.

--Audrey Frank

In her review, Audrey Frank said, "This is a book for anyone who has a void to fill in her life." That's much too limiting. No void is necessary, and the book is not just for females. It's a book for anyone seeking entertainment and anyone who might benefit from inspiration to keep going. It's also for everyone who likes dogs and soft-core dirty talk.

Barbara Barth is a master (mistress?) storyteller, with an uncanny ability to recall or recreate dialog. She is able to pluck humor from sadness. She shows proper respect for the past without being a prisoner of the past. Barbara demonstrates impressive resilience, strength and the ability to keep looking ahead despite widowhood, bad dates, and the death of a dog. Her unwillingness to accept cliche roles dictated by age, custom or gender are important lessons for everyone.

I don't want to concentrate only on the inspirational aspects of the book, because it is a LOT OF FUN. I read the Kindle version on a bumpy train ride. I was tired and woozy. A lesser book would have made me turn off my iPad. With Barbara's book, I kept tapping to turn the electronic pages to see what happens next. The woman sitting next to me wondered what was making me laugh and she started reading along with me. I read faster than she did, and let her catch up before I turned the pages.

Although I didn't "get" the cover illustration (it's apparently a chick thing) and at times I thought I was overhearing a conversation that was meant just for women (number of bras owned, evaluating a man's butt), at other times I thought Barbara was talking directly to me. Buy the book and hear what Barbara has to say to you. You won't be disappointed.

--Michael N. Marcus, author of Stories I'd Tell My Children (but maybe not until they're adults) and other books

Losing a loved one is always difficult and sometimes you need the support of others who have been through the same situation. I have not lost a husband but I have lost loved ones. The essays in this book will help you feel both the loss and provide a bit of a "pick-me-up". Rescuing animals became Barbara's coping tool that allowed her to learn to live again. This book is funny, wise and very insightful.

I think that anyone who has lost a loved one, even if you aren't a widow, you will find parts in these essays that ring true to you. I love Barbara's voice and I like that she didn't hold back.
--Bridget Hopper

You can read more at Kindle Nation. Click here!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top Ten Pet Friendly Vehicles By Guest Writer, Julee Russo

Continuing tonight with our friend, and guest blogger, Julee Russo in her series of dog posts. Tonight Julee tells us how cars can make your fido feel secure and comfy! Click on the links to view the cars not pictured!

Top 10 Pet Friendly Vehicles

I get tired of watching my pet teeter totter in my car seat while attempting to balance in positions that look so uncomfortable. Space, safety features and cost are all important considerations to make when buying a new car. However, if you have a pet, you probably also want a car that all of you can share in peace. While the primary function of a car is to transport you and your things quickly and efficiently, your precious cargo deserves the safety and comfort offered by some of the best cars on the market.

Keep this in mind as you begin you search: Not all cars are created equal. The fastest cars are often the least practical, and the most spacious cars are the least fuel efficient. When it comes to pets, you want something that has the best of all worlds.

The following list details 10 different cars that will satisfy pet and parent alike, and leave enough breathing room for everyone.

1. Starting at around $20,000, though expect to spend a few bucks more if you want some of the dog-friendly features, the Honda Element is the perfect machine for human and animal. It’s large, boxy interior leaves plenty of room and accessibility for everyone.

2. Ever a utility vehicle, the Jeep Commandar (starting at around $33,000) isn’t cheap, but it’s sturdy and will last you years. With plenty of interior room, this machine is ideal for big dogs and boutique parents.

3. Though it looks like a European delivery car, the $19,000 Ford Transit Connect, is the dog-mobile for the pragmatic pet-owners. The interior is spacious, and with its side sliding doors and rear gate, accessibility is a breeze.

4. The $25,000 Subaru Forester is another not-quite-SUV/not-quite-coupe car that is perfect for dog owners with pets who like their own space. A well-equipped Forester can get up to 31mpg.

5. The urbane cosmopolite with a small or medium-sized dog will delight in the $25,000 Mazda 3 Grand Touring hatchback. This is a compact-style car with plenty of space for the dog, the driver, and everyone else.

6. Minivans aren’t always the most head-turning vehicles, but they do what they need to do, and the $22,000 Kia Sedona is no exception. It’s big, it’s easily accessible, and leaves plenty of room for everyone.

7. Known best for its innovative shape, the Scion xB is a smaller and more affordable version of the Element. Costing no more than around $17,000 and getting 28mpg on the highway, the Scion is perfect for the pet owner on a budget.

8. Another car for the progressive city-dweller, the Smart ForTwo is cheap (around $11,000), small, and extremely fuel-efficient. It’s extremely compact, but for small dogs, it’s perfect. Smart has plans for a four-door in the near future.

9. A consistent maker of quality cars, Volvo is a winner with pet-owners with its XC60. Starting at around $33,000, it’s not the cheapest car on the list, but it’s spacious, sleek, and European-made.

10. Rounding out the list is the $26,000 Chrysler Town and Country, a minivan with luxury sensibility. Your pet will appreciate all of the leg-room.

When buying a new car don’t forget to take all of the technical and financial considerations (including auto insurance), it’s important to remember what everyone else wants. What are some other things you and your pet might appreciate in a new car?

Thanks Julee! I want a new car after looking at all these beauties. I am a Honda gal myself and my crew loves that Element! But that darling Smart Car, with its most important message, tugs at me too. In fact, I'd love to own any of these cars. With six dogs I need some room!

Look for more posts from Julee soon!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Opening My Shop In Old Town, Lilburn, Georgia, Sat. Jan 22nd!

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Click on the arrow and see how much fun we will have on Jan. 22nd. You will also hear Huey Lewis sing The Power Of Love! Which is a perfect theme for the shop - it is about the power of love!

Events on Saturday include:

Special sale to benefit Friends of DeKalb Animals from 11 to 5pm.

Kick-off of 30 day photography exhibit of Haiti after the earthquake, by metro Atlanta writer and photographer, Cheryl Lewis. Read her story on Skirt of visiting Haiti and the missing boy she is trying to locate.

Music by Larry Joe Hall noon to 3pm.

Keep up on shop news on The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques blog.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Spoiled Dog Party! Guest Blogger Julee Russo

Second in a series of blog posts by the talented and dog loving writer, Julee Russo. You can read her December 20th post here.

Happy Birthday Doggie!
photo from

Spoiled Dog Party

Spoiled! We are talking menu, décor, activities, party favors, heck even a doggy piñata! Planning a birthday party for your dog? You can go all out and invite the whole neighborhood to celebrate the birth of your favorite companion. There are several items you’ll want to include in your dog party, so make a list and have fun. If you plan your party well in advance, you’ll have time to put together a menu, buy all your decorations and other supplies, and even buy a dog-bone piñata. Here’s everything you’ll need to put together a wonderful birthday party for your favorite pal.

Plan the Menu

A spoiled dog party needs to have a lot of delicious treats. Your menu needs to include dog-safe food, such as prepackaged dog treats and homemade goodies with ingredients that are safe for them to eat. Make sure you use fresh ingredients and cook the treats thoroughly. Some ideas for homemade treats include the following:

· Chicken liver treats

· Peanut Butter & Oat Balls

· Pet Party Mix

You can bake a large Doggy Cake, or you can make individual cupcakes for all the four-legged guests so there’s no fighting over one large cake. There are several recipes available on the Internet for different flavored cupcakes. The one ingredient you want to make sure you absolutely do not use is chocolate. It is very dangerous for dogs and could kill them in certain quantities. Do your research before selecting your own ingredients (grapes and walnuts are toxic as well).

Decorations and Supplies

You’ll want to decorate your backyard for your dog’s party just as you would for a child’s birthday party. Hang streamers and balloons, a large banner, wall decor, and a tablecloth to match your party’s theme. Pick up plenty of durable paper plates to serve the food on. Make favor-boxes with dog treats, small toys, collars, and other items perfect for the birthday dog’s friends. If kids are coming too, you can make party favors for them. Buy matching invitations to send to all the neighborhood dogs and their companions. For an extra treat, pick up a special pet costume for the guest of honor.

Buy a Dog-Bone Pinata

Whether it’s the dogs or the kids, everyone will have fun hitting a piñata and dumping the treats that are inside. Some companies sell dog themed piñatas. You could actually purchase 2, one that you will fill with dog treats and the other with candy. For the dogs, you should hang it low enough so that the dogs at the party can take turns giving it a good wack of the paw until it opens and they can eat what’s inside. Just make sure you are always supervising, and if there is any chance the dogs can get possessive with the treats, spread the dogs out and give them each a handful. The second candy filled piñata would be for the kids at heart.

Your dog’s birthday party can be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Plan some other activities, such as digging up buried bones or chasing a ball. Have a costume party and judge who has the best one. You can use large rawhide bones or toys for prizes. Be creative and have fun.