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Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's The Day. My Blog Tour On WOW Starts

Check out my launch interview! and my tour dates.

Woke up this morning, grabbed my faithful cup of freshly brewed coffee and brought in my e-mails. Aha! There it was. I knew it would be. But I wanted to be sure since I am so excited. I am on a blog tour with WOW (Women On Writing) for the next month. Today was their kick off e-mail to subscribers advising them of my tour and dates. The The Muffin has my complete interview. They did a lovely job and even the colors they used blend with my book. Thanks Jodi and Gang at WOW. Click on the links in green and see for yourself. Today I am a bigger publicity hound than my dogs. Check their schedule and see where you can find me all month long.
Widow Lesson Learned: Its OK to be a publicity hound for a day just don't get carried away and steal the dog bones from the pack.
Note from grand dame Foxy: I'm on the interview too. Steak for dinner pu-lease.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My sister in Florida sent me these photos of a lost dog who landed in the right spot. Temporarily. Matty needs a home. See how pretty Matty looks? Check out the before photo of this little tyke and Pam's words on his hair cut.
"He's been to the beauty parlor! His fur was so matted it came off in one piece! Turns out he's fixed and has a chip, but the chip is not registered."
Matty was found in Georgia by Tom, my sis and her hubbys good friend. Tom is taking care of Matty's medical costs but someone lovely needs to make a home for this cutie pie.
My six stared me down when I showed them Matty's photo. I think they said this inn was full. What about yours? Matty is currently in the Inverness Florida area.



Oh No-o-o-o-o!

The pelt

What a good doggie.
Photos Pam King Photography
Widow Lesson Learned: There are bad hair days and then there are really bad hair days. But there is never a bad day to share love.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Unfaithful Widow Book Trailer On You Tube

Check Out My Book Trailer On YouTube
I have the most wonderful literary agent in the world! Finding him has been my own little miracle. You know, I am learning as I go. This is hard work to do by yourself, MARKETING a book. And I thought dating was impossible. My literay agent is my new favorite person next to all of you I love. But he is rapidly gaining in my ranks of special people.
I opened my e-mail today and there was a link to a book trailer on YouTube . Click and check it out. John has had my book for two days and I am on YouTube. Cool. I am so happy I don't care I have no date this weekend! I am silly with happiness.
Turn on your speakers and check it out. Music is perfect. He read my book and got it. Thanks John!
A little about was one of the first Literary Newsletter Websites online. Older than Google and MySpace.Writers Digest 2009 Best of 101 writers sites Online.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Ready For A Book Launch! Come Join Me!

Things are starting to fit into place.  The Unfaithful Widow will be appearing on a virtual online blog tour. Check out the following links and dates and be sure to stop by and say hello. You could win a free copy of my book!

On May 15th I am sensational! I am so excited. I have a short interview on the blog Writing Without Periods for their Sensational Woman Saturday when they shift their blog focus to women they admire. I can't tell you how pleased I was they asked me to join them.  I like being sensational! Kind of like Queen For A Day! Thanks Mary for making me feel so special. Your blog is one of the funniest and best!

Then starting May 24th through June 24th you will find me on a blog tour with WOW, Women On Writing.  Check The Muffin on May 24th for my blog launch and a list of dates and places you can find me. I'll be chatting about my thought process, such as it is! Fragmented, scrambled and slightly fried.

On the local front, June 26th will be my official Atlanta book launch with an book signing event and silent auction with Animal Action Rescue. More details on that later.  Keep your eye on this blog and first of June there will be more celebration. A book giveaway with some special treats for you and your dog!  I love surprises and June will be bursting with them!
Remember my current giveaway, countdown to May 24th! Be sure to leave a comment to be entered.
The Unfaithful Widow is available now online at Amazon. Just go to their book section and search by title!
Widow Lesson Learned: When the hard work is done, the work gets harder. Marketing, the next hardest or most hardest thing after writing!

Spring Back: Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again. 

Altered Art Photo: Pam King

Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome Jen Wilbur Guest Blogger

I happened across Jen's blog and fell in love with her photos and dogs. May be the best dog blog ever. If you love dogs and the beach or just a great site to visit to make you smile, her blog is a must see. It will grab your heart as it did mine. You can find her blog at A Dog's Beach (click link).

Let's meet Jen.
Jen Wilbur lives in San Diego and takes her two French Bulldogs to a local 24-hour leash-free beach almost daily. She shares photos, sometimes stories, of the multitude of dogs she encounters via her blog, A Dog’s Beach  She’s my first guest blogger and today shares stories and pics of Lily, one of the beach’s most famous rescue dogs. I am so excited that she has shared Lily's story with us.
Lily's Tale, Rescued By A Beach. Be sure to click on links for original postings on A Dog's Beach and get more of Lily's story.
Lily,  an Australian cattle dog, was found abandoned on the side of the freeway in Arizona   while one of our beach's regulars, Nate, was coming home after a Thanksgiving visit last year.
She was just a pup when Nate took her home to San Diego, knowing at least one of the dog lovers at our beach would take very good care of her. And boy was he right! Kurt and Sharon had recently lost two dear dogs of theirs and brought a new, older dog, Fetch (Lily's "brother" now), into the fold. When the little bundle of energy (now known as Lily) entered the picture, I think it was a done deal. She quickly found a warm home with Kurt, Sharon and Fetch and visits the beach every morning. Lucky dog! She wouldn't have had that life in Arizona, for sure.
The story of Lily is one that is characteristic of many at A Dog's Beach.
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of dog lovers that bring their dogs to the beach daily, and if they can't make it daily they are there as often as they can. Seeing the dogs play with each other, in the water, chasing seagulls and curiously greeting people is a joy to watch.
While there is a group of folks I see quite regularly, I'm always meeting another interesting person and discovering new breeds and mixes I never knew existed. There are purebred pups and every combo you can imagine, and all are spoiled equally.
But Lily and her peeps are also an example of how a community can be so helpful and giving.
Molly and Al adopted the dog of another regular after she couldn't keep her pup any longer. We all met Doris when she took her annual sabbatical to our beach and other places to avoid the cold Canadian winters. She came back one time just to watch the home and dogs of people she'd met at the beach.
Don't get me started on how many balls Riptide (my dog) has managed to charm out of others because he wants it so badly.
The stories are endless.
Lily is one lucky dog among some pampered pooches here in San Diego.

Lily was a little wiggly when I tried to take a recent pic, but here she is just last week with her "brother" Fetch.

Lily after a little bit of fun in the water. Love the definition in her wet coat.
Even if you don't live here, come visit. There's even a hotel just steps away from the beach that is happy to put you and your furry friend up for a night or two.
Jen, Thanks for joining us. I love your blog and the dogs. My six are now impatiently waiting for a trip to the beach. No water in sight here, but maybe they will get a treat soon. By the way, Jen, I am now following you on twitter! Check out Jen's blog and then visit her on twitter at SDDogBeach and RockstarJen .

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Dog - Huge Personality

Chloe loves flowers. She is a garden gal and flower child.
Chloe, my 3 year old Chi. She came to me for my birthday last August. My third rescue dog, bringing my total to four. She didn't have a heart break story she just had a sad story. Her owner turned her in to a rescue group at 2 years of age.  The charm of owning a dog had worn off. An expensive puppy for her previous owner to buy, but at age 2 Chloe no longer held her owner's interest. It was not a financial decision for the owner, she just decided she didn't want the little dog that was not house broken. Not house broken because she was trained on pee pads. Not Chloe's fault.
I do admire the woman who owned Chloe for she did the right thing. Turned her in. Gave her to a rescue group. Let her find a new home. I am sure there was an element of embarrassment on her part explaining she just didn't want a dog anymore. But she did right by Chloe. Chloe's trauma level was low. She went from her home to another home then to my home. She changed owners, but her heart was never broken. She was never dumped by the side or just left behind. That owner was humane in how she handled the situation.
I met Chloe outside of PetSmart in Tucker, Georgia.  Mother and I were going to Goodwill and I suggested stopping by to see who was up for adoption next door. Looking at rescue dogs was more fun than looking at men on Match and my success rate was 100% better with dogs.
There was this seven pound Chihuahua sitting on her foster mom's shoulder.  I looked at her and thought why not? My mother help lead me into this folly with the words I'll take her if she doesn't work out.  The foster mom looked at us both closely and then pointed her finger at my chest. If she doesn't work out, you call me.  You don't give her to anyone else. I smiled. Then reassured her. Chloe was staying with me.
We got home to three dogs curious as to the small dog that landed in the midst of their wagging tails. Foxy, Bray and Annabelle now had a new friend. A small petite friend who would soon snap then all into shape. For the moment Chloe raced through the living room, danced in circles then jumped up in my lap her tiny paws hitting my shoulders and a tiny tongue licking my face.
Chloe is like the cherry on an ice cream sundae. That tiny bit of flavor that adds punch.  My other three dogs all the same size, like the three big scoops of ice cream in the bowl. Then that little tyke on top. The grand finale I was sure.
Who knew I still had two more rescue dogs waiting to come to my house. But that is a story for another time.
Chloe loves to run the yard. She is like a blast of energy as she leaps and bounds around the perimeter of my fenced yard. Faster than a speeding bullet. A little clown showing off, they a little baby who tires and wants to sleep with her heard by your cheek.
I thank her previous owner for the gift of Chloe. And I thank her for being brave enough to look at someone and say, no I can't keep her. That takes courage. She could have abandoned her, as many people do, but she had the goodness to give Chloe a second chance. I am that second chance and she has my heart.
Can you find the little doggie snooping in the garden?

Look closely and you'll see a little dog butt.

Is that a little doggie behind the deer? Oh so small and curious!
Widow Lesson Learned: Some times small packages hold the biggest surprises of all.
Tomorrow we have a special treat. Guest blogger Jen Wilbur has a great story to share!