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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feelin' Like An Old Dog

Dem bones have been a hurtin the last few days. Weather so cold your feet freezin in the heaviest of footies. And at this very time in the weather cycle I am out of Ibuprfen. My drug of choice. Keeps my joints happy and me grovin. But for three days I have not been smart enough to go to the drug store and I was board stiff today. Joints creeking as I got off the couch. Befuddling to be feeling like an old dog on the outside, and like a sex kitten on the inside. A sex kitten who is trapped at the pound. No one to take this kitty home. So the old dog ate lunch with friends and then went to CVS.  Biggest bottle of pills I could find came home with me. Thirty minutes later I was grovin to my music. Dancing to Marvin Gaye's Got To Give It Up. Ten minutes of soul train dancing and I am a new gal. The dogs looked at each other in amazement. I could see in their doggie brains they were saying, "What the heck?" No dog buscuit made them feel this grandeous.
Feels good to be back on track. Cut the carbs and exercise. My next move. And to the Wellness center to do the stretchy things that make you pop! But that is next weeks plan.
Tonights plan is to snuggle in bed with the dogs and dream of a man who is a loveable pup. "Big Dog" is what I am looking for. Not one with fleas, but one who can please.

Widow Lesson Learned: Keep on your Iburorifen to feel like a sex kitten rather than an old dog. And if you find your mate at the local pound be sure he has had his shots and does not have any doodly bugs. The only big worm he should be sporting is not in the intestines. Keep plenty of treats on hand to reward tricks well done.

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