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Friday, April 20, 2012

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How goofy is this?

I "heart" life. (If I were better with a computer there would be a little red heart instead of the word in print!)

I am a true romantic, but not in the traditional sense. I am in love with life. I was in love with my husband and then he died. It took a book, a pack of dogs, a small town, an antique shop, a vintage Corvette, a writer's guild, a book club, a critique group, a little cheap sex, and the best people I could meet to fill the hole in my heart.

I am a crumudgeon at dating, and probably provoke my bad dates, so they become worse. It is a game for me. I need a good piece for a blog post, meet a guy who hopes to land a good piece, and the evening is doomed, except I leave with something to write about. I'd like to think it could be more, but if you've tried the online dating sites, you'd cheer on my own bad behavior.

Someone pointed out to me at a book club meeting, where we got off the subject of the book we were dissecting, and started talking about men, that I sounded like a 'snot' when I date.

"You are absolutely right!" I toasted her with my wine glass. She nailed me. I am the world's worst date and have learned to except that fact. I want a life, not a mate. I'd even like a friend with benefits, but that appears to be an oxymoron.

My dating life has slowed down now. I've created a world no man wants to enter. I sleep with dogs, five to be exact. Even in a king size bed there is hardly room for another body. And no body is going to move my dogs. My bedside table is full of milk bones instead of condoms. At night, before I turn out the lights, I look at my sweet pack and sigh. They are sprawled out all around me, kissing each other good night. How cute is that?

I write about romance in daily life. If you look closely when you step through your door to the outside world, life is brimming with possibilities. Anything can happen if you are in tune with the universe. That is why I 'heart' life.

My new ramblings are posted on my new blog,

Come say hello! I'll pop in here from time to time, but you will find me at my crazy life with dogs blogspot most days!