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Friday, August 16, 2013

Barbara Barth "Sparkle" My New Blog

I have been missing in action on my widow blog and for a good reason! I am writing a new book, two in fact, and of course, had to start a new blog and website to honor my new adventures!

In case you have lost track of time - and there is no reason for you to think about my timeline - I have been a widow for a little over five years. Somewhere in there my widow crown tilted and my dog lady tiara crept in. I became a widow right before I turned sixty. Now I am approaching sixty-five next week. Not old - by any means - and those of you who know me personally - know that fact! But it is time to reevaluate and put a plan in place for this exciting year. My plan is to . . .                                                        

I am working on two new books. One is the continuing saga of my life with dogs, another memoir pulling in posts I have written all over the place for the last four years, tidying them up and putting them in a book. Life with six dogs in never boring and I plan to share my adventures with you, from crazy dog lady, to shopkeeper, to home repair and more men, naughty and nice.

A big leap of faith, I am writing an romantic thriller. Fiction. A first for me! The romantic part needs some work! - I want it to be somewhat sexy, but not too descriptive! You know I like to have a bit of a flame, but then leave the rest to your imagination. I am working on my balance for romance that will excite you to dream and not shock the pants off you so you slap your face and go, she said what??? For a gal who writes about her life and tells all, I am really somewhat shy with fictional details. Go figure.

If you want to check out my new blog Barbara Barth Sparkle you can keep up with the latest news! Just click here.  My new author website can be found here.

I will pop back on this blog from time to time, but would love for you to join me on my new adventure and sign up for my news on Barbara Barth Sparkle!

A peek at the cover image for my book. A work in progress.

Pam King, PDKing Designs, is working on my cover and interior book files for my book. She is offering her services to other writers if anyone is interested!