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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On GoogleAdWords And Dog Health

Foxy pleading, no colonoscopy for me.

Well I am off and running, but running where I know not. Promote, promote, promote. And that is what I am doing. But my mind is a fuzzy mess on what it is I am actually doing. But time will tell or not. Signed up for GoogleAdWords to promote my web site that is in baby stages. Trying to get some excitement up for my book, The Unfaithful Widow, which I hope will be ready from Outskirts Press end of February. Early bird gets the worm so I am awake and fishing.
Pretty darn cool, they have started a campaign:

Barbara Barths New Book
Author Of The Unfaithful Widow.
Join The Blog & Get Excited!

But I don't know where this ad is placed for people to find it. The game is afoot. "The Press, Watson, is a most valuable institution, if you know how to use it." And so is the Internet, and I am trying to learn how to use it.
The hell hounds are resting. Foxy had a vet visit today. She has been having stomach stinky issues that can clear a room, so she was hurried to see her main man Max. Test results tomorrow.
Do you know they can do a colonoscopy on a dog? It was one of the tests suggested for later down the road if still perplexed. Foxy was on all four paws pleading, no, not that. Dear girl, I will not do that test. You are too old and can toot all you like if we don't find a pill to chill.
My old now gone dog Jake had an EKG once, that was interesting. I watched as they plugged him up and sent the info via phone lines, just like humans. Then he had acupuncture, which was so relaxing for him. Needle in top of head, the calming zone, then down his back and hind legs, plugged up to a battery pack. He hummed for thirty minutes to get his qi, vital energy, back.
Me, a glass of sherry or a wink from a handsome guy gets my qi back!
I have had three hits on my adwords campaign and I think it was me checking myself out?
If you see me floating on Google let me know!
Widow Lesson Learned: Dogs can get a colonoscopy. I'd hate to see the prep on that one.

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