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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Little Gardening Library


I love this quote, but if you know me there is one more important ingredient to give me everything I need. . . my dogs!
Years ago when I was more an antique dealer than I writer, I collected vintage gardening books and made a special place for them in my house. Tucked away in the back corner of my sitting room were built-in shelves I hated. Hated because I wanted an old cupboard where the shelves took up so much space. It didn't take me long to figure out the shelves were perfect to start a little library. I filled them with old gardening books, small treasures, and a few tiny oil paintings. It is a peaceful spot where I can hide out and dream about the past and future while surrounded by beauty. The books there range from late 1800's to mid century. While it is organized and I can label it 'my library', all the other books I collect and read are stacked all over the house. I haven't figured out what to call them yet.
The hated built-in book shelves now house my garden library.
A favorite Rose book
My collection of vintage and antique gardening books make a sweet library in my sitting room.
The antique dealer in me surfaces with small items added to the library shelves.
Some houses have formal libraries, some with books on shelves or piled high on tables, by the sofa, or bedside.  I can't imagine a house without books. It would not seem like a home to me. My guess is we all agree on that!