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Thursday, April 29, 2010

DOG NEEDS HOME! Diesel From Animal Action Rescue

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Look At That Face Waiting For A Kiss

A rescue dog to steal your heart. Jamie from Animal Action Rescue has sent in Diesel's story.  Find out more about Diesel at

Big Boy Diesel is one of the most amazing bullies I have ever met. Despite his rough life chained to a tree with only an old car as shelter this boy remains a happy, sweet, snuggly boy! Diesel is a laid back dog that has stolen the hearts of many. Diesel doesn’t mind other dogs but would be best with another laid back dog and as with most bullies probably a female. Diesel is roughly 2 years old. He has the most beautiful eyes and they will STEAL your heart. He currently lives in a vet’s office and really needs a home of his own. Can you help Diesel out by providing him a home and the life that this boy greatly deserves?

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Unfaithful Widow Now Available At Amazon

My book is now available at Amazon. Wanted to share the link with those of you who have been asking about buying the book. Follow this link and you will have all the information. 

You can take a peek inside at Amazon and scroll down for an overview of the book. If you read my book let me know and please be sure to leave comments on Amazon.
My box of books came yesterday and I am still holding one close. Paperback with a cover so slick and smooth you'll want to hold it to your cheek it feels that good. Thanks to Jill Applegate for a super cover and to my sis, Pam King, for her altered art photo illustrations.
You've met some of the main characters here already, my dogs. Nothing mends a broken heart quicker than the love of a rescue dog, or two, or three, or in my case the list of dogs goes on.
My book is a collection of candid essays on finding joy again after the loss of a mate. I hope you will feel like I do when you read it, that you've spent time with a dear friend and shared stories as only the best of girlfriends can.
And don't forget to enter the rescue dog story giveaway posted below.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome Eddy And Her Rescue Dogs Ginger & Dargo

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Welcome to Eddy from Georgia and her wonderful rescue dogs!
My husband and I rescued 2 German Shepard dogs. Ginger was the first. She came from Alcovy Pet Rescue. She is a black and tan, now 5 years old and such a loving dog. She was only 13 months and suffered a bad demodectic mange when we rescued her. Now she is one happy bestfriend!
The second one was Dargo, a black and tan GSD who was separated from his brother. Happy endings to both brothers for they found their forever homes. Dargo was also a puppy when he came into our lives. We got him from Marietta, Ga. He is now a happy, silly 2 year old who loves having a big sister.
I lost my mother back in 1991 and we had a loving German Shepard dog named, "Lady". I believe that all animals are somewhat connected to the ones we love - I really do.
The photo of me with Ginger was taken during Ginger's first year with us.

Eddy has an Esty shop where she creates and sells handstitched pillows on tea or coffee-stained muslin fabric to give them that unique primitive look. Talented and with a big heart for dogs. What a super combination! Visit her shop at .  

Thanks Eddy for the lovely story and photos.  I love your dogs!
Remember my Giveaway on May 24th.  Leave a comment about your rescue dog (or cat) or e-mail your short story to me with photos at . All comments and stories made on April 11th or later will be included in the drawing. Winner will get a bracelet similiar to one below, made especially for them. Dogs, cats, or both, the choice is yours.

Widow Lesson Learned: A heart that loves animals is always full of love.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Contest And Giveaway. Share Your Rescue Dog Story

"I like to think I've rescued dogs, but they have rescued me." The Unfaithful Widow, Barbara Barth 2010
New Contest/Giveaway. Deadline May 24th 6pm est. Share your rescue dog story and be entered into a giveaway to win a one of a kind dog rescue charm bracelet. Leave your short tale as a comment here. I will use a random number generator to pick the winner on May 24th. If you would like to be a guest blogger and include a photo, go to my profile info and hit the contact button and you can e-mail me directly and send your photo as an attachment I can upload.  I am waiting................(Photo of bracelet to be revealed later this month - you will love it. Similar to the one given away in February.) PS - If you are a rescue cat person, you can enter too. If you win your bracelet will be made with a cat theme. We love all rescue animals here.
Dogs. That word makes me smile. My Dogs. Those words make my smile brighter. Rescue Dogs, those words have gotten me in trouble but saved my life when it was a dark place as a new widow.
Five rescue dogs in under a year. Then of course, there is my old lady Foxy who has been with me for thirteen years. All that love all day long!
My favorite rescue folks:
Animal Action Rescue, Decatur, Ga. A great group. Check them out at . They brought me my first rescue dog and the rest is history.
Then there is State Trooper Peggy with Atlanta Canine Adoption Project The photo was taken at Pet Smart in Atlanta a few weeks ago when I stopped by to see her latest pups.

"Hello, my name is Midnight and you can find me at Animal Action Rescue. How's it going?"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A New Blog - April In Paris - Come Visit

Visit April In Paris On Her Very Own Blog!
And watch for a blog giveaway on each of my blogs starting Saturday!

April In Paris dreams of her namesake. She wants to visit the city of lights. She has her own blog now, her diary of her dreams. A rescue dog turned diva dog with the placement of a vintage hat so jaunty on her head, a rose tilted to one side. That hat like a magic wand turning her into a writer. Come read her diary!

Widow Lesson Learned: Change can come in many forms. Sometimes it is just the placement of a hat to turn you into the diva you were meant to be.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some Bunny Loves You!

Chloe Took Easter Very Serious This Year. Our First Together. While April In Paris Demonstrated That She Is Romantically Stylish.
 Even Rascal Shows You That A Tomboy Can Be Princess For A Day.
Bray refused, as the only male, to wear a hat. But you can see all the girls in their Easter Best At The Slide Show At The Top Of This Page.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Almost Two Years, A Personal Reflection On Life

Next month it will be two years that I have been a widow. Because I have been working on my book, I've lost track of time.  I still saw the words, widowed before my sixith birthday as I wrote, then edited my book.  Now I realize I am older. Shocking. As shocking as it is that time has passed. I've been writing for almost as long. At first late at night to clear my head and deal with life and the quiet of my house. Then writing for the pleasure it gave me. Telling my story and living my story as I wrote it. My writing bringing me to the present. From widow to woman (or girl as I still like to be called). My old life as an antique dealer for the most part gone too. I still love a good treasure hunt, but for my house. My tiny booth is for recycling things that I am replacing. I am now a writer. Yes, I am self publishing my book, but that is not what makes me a writer. If I am lucky my book will bring warmth to those who read it. Like chatting with your best friend, telling your secrets, opening your heart. But writing has become a way of life for me now. I can't imagine not writing every day. When I took my screen play writing course, my teacher asked the class. Do you feel you have to write, that you can't escape it, that it is possessing you?  I shook my head and thought, not really. I am writing to heal myself and keep myself busy. Then somewhere it clicked. I must  write. I love to write. I live to write. So that is what makes me a writer. I love to write on this blog, my garden blog and I am writing on The Red Room, Where The Writers Are. My brain is spinning with things I want to put down on paper. I am a happy writer. I may make you cry with me on the way, but you will end up smiling after our visit. I dwell on the positive and want to share that.
Yes, I started dating shortly after my husband died. The Unfaithful Widow. But the reality of everything is that I like people, I like men (and that is sometimes hard with the dates I've met! You'll read about those). But finding my life, my place without my spouse was my answer. Not a replacement beau or husband. Maybe later. I had to do something extraordinary to deal with his death and the change in my life. So my book is that bridge for me. Writing my prince charming.
I write every night and send my heart out into the universe, hoping someone will be touched, someone will hear me. Maybe someone will laugh. Maybe cry. Maybe someone will realize they are not alone when reading my words.
I look at my widow blog and have to laugh. It should be my dog blog. How silly is that? But the inspiration and love I find with dogs is right up there with my writing. Both have rescued me.
Oh my, in August I'll be 62. I've had my broken heart, but I was lucky to have had so much time with my husband. I am lucky again that I have found myself through creativity and the love of dogs. My future, I plan to be surprised. But I am writing every day and there is a new book in the works.
I have a wooden plaque I found at the thrift store. Someone hand painted it. It hangs in my kitchen as a reminder that each day we have is a gift to be treasured.
Yesterday Is History,
Tomorrow Is A Mystery,
Today Is A Gift,
That's Why We Call It the Present.

Enjoy your present that is today. Send enough energy into the universe and let it bring you what you need. Smile and say thanks for this moment.
Those are the thoughts that keep me happy, that and six dogs who make every second a party at this house.