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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just when you think you've figured it out, you get confused. Old loves, new loves, all life's emotions played out by my dogs. Chloe. The last rescue dog to come in these doors in August. A 7 pound Chi, with a temperament that is hugely wrong . She is jealous. She is jealous of the dogs before her and most certainly she is all rumpled up over the new dog. Tonight she growled and hissed and bared those tiny teeth like little rat's teeth at the newest entry into these portals. Then she was snarly at old Annabelle, who she has been snarled with all week and bit her. We were all tidy on the couch under a quilt when this roar from hell came from the tiny body and she popped her head out and bit Annabelle. Oh poor brown cow eyes, Annabelle slinked off the couch to the chair. Bitch slap. Harsh words, but Chloe needed a little tap to that snarling face of hers. She bared her teeth at sweet Annabelle as the New Year's Peach dropped. Earlier she was deranged with the new gal, who I keep calling he and dog is a she, but looks like a he with the name Rascal. Perhaps a girly name is in order for her. Rascal is a player and strong. She jumps on you and a bowling ball has gone kaplunk on your chest. She licks you with a tongue that is wide and wet and does so with surprising abandon, considering she is a stranger. If she lands on Chloe, I'll have a flat Chi. She too was befuddled by Chloe's viciousness at her. Her two toned eyes blinked and she pattered away on her splayed feet. I would worry Chloe has gone deranged over a new dog, but she has been acting this way for awhile. I am hoping she is not going into madness, for I know little of the ways of small dogs and their ill tempers. She flits from kisses to snarls. She would be your worst date nightmare. All petite and cute with a personality that splits in two. But, she has my heart and I kissed her little head and we made up. Worry is, the new dog. Oh how I wanted to have her, and now I am most confused as to the situation of jealousy that is getting worse. Do I keep her and fend off the devils in my Chi, or do I send her back and the Chi will still be crazy?Perhaps it is I who is crazy. Crazy with love for the dogs, and crazy that I am kissing them on New Year's Eve and not my own date. Its a dog world sometimes and being leader of the pack is hard work when you don't speak the language. For now all is quiet in this kingdom as five dogs sleep with their heads wrapped around their tails and the question of the week is four or five? So hard for my heart to decide.

Widow Lesson Learned: A jealous Chi with rat's teeth is more dog than a pack of four who smile.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Ray Of Sunshine On A Cold Dreary Night

Wowie. It is cold and raining on the night before New Year's Eve. Worked at the botanical garden until 10pm. Last week of the Henry Moore exhibit. Then to Publix for dog food and people food. Now am snug and warm at home. Dogs are pacing as they are not getting bones tonight. Always I give them huge handfuls of biscuits upon arrival but tonight no bones. Foxy has to fast for a blood test at 8 am, so if Foxy doesn't get to eat, no one gets to eat, except me. I am the Alpha and make the rules. But Foxy would be face down if the others were given treats and she wasn't. So I am opting for confused and befuddled dogs rather than sad face Foxy. Seems fair to me, but three out of four dog faces don't agree.

Annabelle was a ray of sunshine in this dismal cold weather. A look like that deserves some treats, but all she got were kisses and a promise.

Reminds me of my last date, he got kisses and some promises too. But no treats for him either.

Tomorrow is a big day to end the Old Year. My book is finally finished, the last words a widow had to say were on dog rescue. Tomorrow I release it to Outskirts Press for them to work their magic. And tomorrow a rescue dog comes for the New Year. A smiling widow can relax her work for the day is done.
Widow Lesson Learned: Promises and kisses but no treats works on dogs as well as men. Both will behave to see what's next.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Rescue Dog For New Year's Eve

Excitement bells are ringing as I am about to ring in the New Year. My date for New Year's Eve, a rescue dog, so sweet and dear. She is a patchwork of color: white with brindle areas on her back. She looks like she is wrapped in her own little soft sweater. Sweet eyes to match, each a different color. We have not met in person but the voices in my head tell me she will stay. She has to pass the butt sniff test of the other hounds, but they love company and will welcome her to the pack. Tonight I have my home inspection and then on Thursday, in time to kiss in the New Year, Rascal Dash should be mine. Oh broken heart if there is a problem. But joy in my spirit tells me this is the one. Thank you to Atlanta Canine Adoption Project. Check them out online and find your own forever dog.

Widow Lesson Learned: I'd rather be kissing a dog on New Year's Eve, than a dog of a bad date.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Outskirts Press, POD, Follow My Progress

Oh Come All Ye Faithful. I had faith this would be a honey of a Christmas and it was. Counting my blessings on my fingers and toes. All four dogs, my mother and a few of my favorite friends for a day of bliss. Phone calls kept me running to say Hi to those far and near. Rainbows after an evening of rain last night.
Planning a New Year's treat for 2010. My book may be ready end of February. Print On Demand (POD ) since I was not given the gift of patience, more a curse of gotta do it now. Looking for an agent, but they are not looking for me. Yet.
Have my copyright in the works and my manuscript on its way later next week. Oh the widow's woes, explored first hand by yours truly.
I am sipping a bit of sherry remembering days past, of a lovely marriage to my true love. But a heap of strength and a will that won't stop got me up and moving.
Wrote my story and earned a few dogs along the way. Took a course at Emory U that explained print on demand. Outskirts Press, my choice for POD. I'll keep you posted on how this goes. So far, so good. No one can ask dumber questions then me and I have an angel of a rep at Outskirts.
I also have my own vendetta with Word. How can you trust Word when spell check substitutes crabs for carbs. A gal can get into a heap of trouble on that one.
See for yourself what Outskirts offers and look for my personal experience and remarks on getting my book out to the world with a little help from my friends at Outskirts Press.
Wize Foxy thinks she should edit my book.

Widow Lesson Learned: It is far better to eat carbs than to have crabs. Would someone explain this to Word please.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost Christmas Eve The Widow Waits While The Dogs Dress Up

Fun landed on my door step on Monday when my mother flew in from Florida for Christmas week. The loving daughter that I am, made her take a cab from the airport. But it is better for her and safer then to have me driving my beast on the expressway. We are all anxiously awaiting Christmas day and a big hoopla of festivities. The dogs are keen that something is in the air be it the holiday spirit or the smell of roast beef simmering away. Their noses are up as they prance round the house. Annabelle decided the tree lights so bright she needed her shades. Tales are a wagging and a waiting.
Annabelle, another rescue dog from Animal Action Rescue, Decatur, Ga. A true love can be found there.
Widow Lesson Learned: Dogs love Christmas too but are way cool in how they wait. Patience, a virtue the widow must explore.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Magic, Santa's Gift To The Widow

My second Christmas as a widow is just about to come down the chimney. It is December 21st, my first offical day of blogging and only 3 shopping days til Christmas Eve. Last Christmas was my first as a widow, having been without a husband since May of that year. I was determined not to spend the holidays without a heap of Christmas fun. A hard thing to do when all you want for Christmas is the Christmas past. But Santa and his elves found a man, a Santa's helper, online for me to take a trip back in time with on Christmas night. Our Town, in real life. This gentleman took me on a ride in a huge truck through his old neighborhood, sharing stories of his youth growing up in the house around the corner. House after house bedazzeled me with all their lights and candy canes popped out of roofs. Not a grinch was to be found. The evening ended with a late night breakfast at the Waffle House on the corner. Santa's helper dropped me back at my car and I swear I heard him yell as he drove out of sight, Merry Christmas To All, and To All A Good Night. A sad widow believed in the magic of Christmas again.

This year I have four dogs instead of Santa's helper. How fun is that? The tree is sparingly decorated for fear one of the four legged critters will be too interested in the shiny balls on the tree and then, Kaboom! You get the picture. Not a Kodak moment, but maybe one for funniest home videos. The lights twinkling bringing magic back for a season that could be lonely if you are a widow without dogs. I know I will be kissed under the Mistletoe.

That's Foxy my 13 year old Shepherd dressed for Christmas, many Christmases past. She's rickety now and doesn't fuss as much with her looks. She is a nautral beauty, back then she was a hussy.

Widow Lesson Learned: Christmas Can Be Fun If You Let Santa Open Your Heart To The Magic Around You. Dogs are great kissers.