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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Music And New Dog

Every day is an adventure! Found a way to put my favorite songs on my blog! Will be adding to my playlist as I go. Great free site to listen to music. Three of my favorite songs. I love September by Earth, Wind and Fire.Check it out.

And now meet April. My last and final dog or I am in the dog house for sure. A rescue from Animal Canine Adoption Project. Same place I got Rascal from New Year's Eve. Had the evil eye for both, but in the name of sanity only got one. But April had buried her image in my brain and I couldn't forget her smiling face. Could you? She is so sweet. And timid. The other bigger dogs were making her a fraidy cat and she wanted so to be in a smaller place where she could blossom. Well, she has blossomed alright. Here not half a day and already sleeping on the chaise. She was so docile when she came in the other dogs almost missed her. Rascal created a hoopla, but April got a butt sniff, the highest sign of approval from the others. Six dogs. If I take out the I and add an E in its place the word will be sex. Sex that I will probably never have again since every man will fear the crazy woman with six dogs. But the man who says, hey, cool, will win my heart. And maybe there is a crazy dog man out there. Meanwhile I am all smiley with my group. We watched TV, Bray on the big leather chair, April on the floor next to him, Annabelle under a quilt on the couch, Rascal with her head on my chest, Foxy at the other end of the couch and Chloe curled up on my lap. Is that six? I am loosing count. But it is very warm and cozy when you have that many dogs laying on you and it is 17 degrees outside. A big heap of warmth.Here is the link to the rescue shelter, and Peggy is the best. A state trooper who knows how to let the dogs out. Out to my house it seems. Could you resist this sweet face?
Widow Lesson Learned: I am one dog away from being a fruit loop.

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