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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frogs, Widows And Puppy Dog Tails

The Atlanta Botanical Garden
Help the amphibians.
Frogs are in trouble! More than one-third of the world's amphibian species are considered threatened or endangered.Rescue programs strive to give some amphibian species a lien on life. However, for many amphibians, time is of the essence! Check how you can help:
There are future prince charmings to be rescued. You never know what happens when you kiss a frog.

Wizards at work. The stars aligning. Good things about to happen to a lonely widow sad sack at home with nothing to do. October 2008, a bad date turned into a wonderful part time job. We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens after a Mexican lunch and I met my match. Not the guy I found online, but the beautiful garden haven he showed me. Flowers, art and a frog pod. I dumped my date as swiftly as I could. Ran home and Googled the gardens.Planning on volunteering, a huge flower opened and the word employment popped out, beckoning me. I was transfixed. Part time sales associate, gift shop. I knew the job would be mine. I kissed my monitor, thank you Lordy, and The Atlanta Botanical Garden became my prince charming.
Now I am on the move again. My last day working at the Botanical Garden Gift Shop will be Jan. 31st. Writing until all hours of the night, with six dogs watching my back, a vintage corvette that is waiting to hit the road, and my book to bedazzle bookshops is my path this year. I’ll try to pace myself so I won’t run over my real Prince Charming if he is standing on the side of the road thumbing for a ride. There may just be room in the seat next to me for a soul daring enough to hang on.
On the dog front, I missed my vet appointment for Annabelle. So engrossed in watching the workmen in my yard, lifting plywood and a hammering, a sight that my eyes find exciting. Men and tools. I forgot we were due at the vet at 10:30. I called to confirm my afternoon appointment at lunch and oh the surprise I'd defaulted. I’ve been in to see them so much this week, my brain is fogged on who and when. So tomorrow early as the sun rises, Annabelle will go to see if she has any of the worms that are frequenting these premises.
Tonight I am sighing with relief, my floodlights are working, the siding is back on the shed and an albino rat’s body was carried to the trash at the street by someone other than me.
Widow Lesson Learned: Prince Charmings come in many forms. You just need to recognize them when they come along.

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