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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Journal, New Sneakers, A New Lease On Life - Just In Time For My Birthday

My new journal

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Lately I've been grumpy. So unlike myself. I usually wake up to dogs rolling around on the bed next to me, trying to lick my face, as my arms and hands flail wildly in front of them, protecting my nose from assault. I've got that move down to a science.  Then I laugh and we all run down the hall so I can let them out and feed them.

They are deliriously happy their morning has begun at 6:45 am. No longer do my dogs sleep in late with me, they have trained me to get up as soon as that minute hand hits the correct time on their internal clocks and they want FOOD.

Fifteen minutes later we are all back in bed for another hour or two of sleep. Since I am the queen of late night - some nights not going to bed until 3 or 4 am, my sleep is non-existent. Some days you will find us napping mid day, basking in the sun coming through the sheer white curtains on my bedroom window, a breeze above from the ceiling fan, and the glorious pastel colors of my old paint cottage furniture shimmering before me as I drift off for a nap and dream.

So how does grumpy fit this scenario? It's taken me some time but I figured it out and I am fixing it NOW.

This year has been a health one for me. Nothing horrible, but one thing on top of another, that kept me from doing the things I wanted. Slowed me down, and I am a fast lane type of gal. I had a bucket list of things to accomplish when I turned sixty-five last year. Surgery, a naughty hip (not related to any surgery), and trouble walking from heaven knows what I did to my feet kept me from getting about like I like. 

A friend gave me a wake-up call this week. I hobbled in to a lovely little cafĂ© to meet her for lunch, grumbling how everything hurt. (Old lady talk I hate,  but indulged in). She smiled at me and gently said, "You haven't been quite yourself since your surgery in February."

I knew that. But when she said it a flood gate opened up. I think having someone take notice, made me sit up and take notice.  Those simple few words, said kindly, snapped me back to my own reality. I needed to take charge of my life again. Get busy on my bucket list.

I still have some doctor's appointments before my birthday next week. But I got a head start on feeling better! My flimsy girlie shoes got trashed for a pair of Dr. Scholl's comfy and trendy chic sneakers. I am walking on heaven and my feet are liking me again, as is my hip, and, yes, my attitude is now back to gratitude.

I also found this sweet pink journal at TJMaxx, where I found my shoes, at a big savings all around.

For someone who keeps an online journal, this book called out to me at the checkout counter, where it and many other items are so conveniently placed to make you spend more.

Today Will Be The Best Day Ever
Another message I needed to hear. I added the journal to my stash and whipped out my debit card. I saw 'grumpy' fade to pink as I punched in my pin.

My first entry was today:
Somehow I'd lost touch with my favorite word - POSSIBLIITES. I'm glad I found it again. I'm in the pink.  Every day I will post a word of gratitude for all the blessings I have and add to my bucket list for the coming year. My birthday is next week. Sixty-six. BRING. IT. ON. It's going to rock!
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