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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Eyes So Full Of Rain And Dogs With A Side Of Men

Hiding in my jammies tonight. Enough excitement for one poor widow gal today. My workman back this morning to try and finish up before the rain. Oops. Too late. Rain came early. Getting lots of small things done and it is nice to get my morning call, "be there in thirty." This has been going on since September when the rain leaked into my basement. Then found one rotting thing after another so I have had a man here for months. Lucky for me when your workman is on parole you can get lots done since he can't leave town. He was here long enough today to work on my flood lights which refuse to turn on. "Please be careful," I was worried. He was up on the tall metal ladder and the rain drops were falling. Did I turn off the power? He kept asking me to throw the switch and I got so google eye watching him tall in the air I forgot which switch he was asking for on or off. "Don't want you to flip off that ladder and land atop my corvette," I yelled up to him full of concern. He left a few minutes later to return on Monday.
Then I headed out for my day of adventure. Helping my rescue lady State Trooper Peggy with her pack of pups at PetSmart. "Can you bring pizza for lunch?" she asked me as I was backing out my drive. Cell phone in one hand and turning on my windshield wipers with my other I heard a loud thump. "Bye, see you soon." Closed my cell and looked out the rear. I had run smack dab into the corner post of my fence. Figuring I could just pull forward I switched gears and hit the gas. My tires were a spinning the ground so mushy from all the rain. I tried several times, digging in deeper. Finally I got out, walked around to check on the damage and grabbed a flat piece of fence wood to put by my wheel for traction. I can never remember, front or back of tire. So no help there. My eyes were starting to tear up I was so befuddled on what to do. My neighbor across the street came running. "Can I help?" Thank heavens. "I've been watching you from the kitchen window, couldn't figure out what you're doing." Wrecking my yard is what I'm doing, but I kept silent. He got my car back on the driveway having to push it while I hit the gas. Praying in my state of mind I wouldn't hit reverse and then I'd have a flat neighbor as well as a woppy jaw fence. He went back home pleased he had helped a damsel in distress, I found that a sweeter term than the idiot behind the wheel. Which may have been truer. For as I backed down the driveway once again I hit the fence on the other side of the drive. Not so hard as to knock it over though.  I wonder if my neighbor saw that? How red is my face. But I smile knowing my workman will have something else to do. A never ending list of honey dos and no real honey. But see how simple it is to keep a man around the house?
Did I tell you I am on the twelve step program for dogs? So I am safe helping the rescue gal Peggy. I like to watch the folks trying to decide if they want a dog. Some sit there for an hour holding a dog then leave, saying "maybe later." Not me, I see a dog, it wags its tail and I sign the papers.  Not one caught my fickle dog eye today, thank goodness. And Peggy has me on restriction which is cool. I have six dogs, she has sixty.
I am the laziest widow in town. Was to see a male friend of mine tonight, but the rain made me want to stay home alone. I called him, "date cancelled due to weather." I knew it would be fine with him or it would have been quite rude of me. But I had rain in my eyes and didn't want to see anyone. So the evening was perfect, romantic chic flicks, jammies, dogs on my lap, quilts all around and a lovely glass of sherry to warm me. I snuggled in for a quiet evening at home, a decision I was pleased I made.
Widow Lesson Learned: It is so much better to have your eyes full of rain and make your own decisions then to have them full of tears and know not what to do.

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I love that lesson!