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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow and Dog Health

Rascal is bedazzeled by the snow at night. So enchanted she got the red and blue eye.
Checking out paw prints to see who has been where. With so many prints it is hard to tell. Rascal, the sniffer dog.
Doggie Diagnosis
It's official. Foxy has Giardia, a parasite of the intestines that is making her sicky poop. Good news she is on meds so hopefully she will feel better soon. Bad news, with five dogs, four others may have it. Was told to bring in labeled specimens from each in their own baggie. "Collect it tonight," my vet told me than chuckled. Sure, why not. It is below freezing and snowing. Just what I had planned for the evening. Tracking behind four dogs with my pooper scooper and a flashlight in the snow. I think not. We'll see what tomorrow brings. His final words to me as he handed me Foxy's meds, "If you start to feel ill, call your doctor. Humans get this too." Well, there is something to think about. And to think I was worried about swine flu.
Good night for hiding under the covers, and I am getting ready to slip under a quilt and watch a late night movie. Leaving the front drapes open so I can look out at the street lights reflecting on the snow in my yard and street. That's how I love this weather best. Snug as a bug in a rug. Sherry anyone?
Widow Lesson Learned: Five dogs can make a snow evening pooptastic!

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