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Friday, January 1, 2010

A KicK In The Dog Butt Is Not A Bad Thing

Oh Happy New Year. So much good news I am frothy with excitement! Firstly, the dogs have made peace. Quite a squabble earlier today when Foxy my old girl gave Chloe the Chi her due. Snapped that babe together. Suddenly she is gracious to all, even the new dog. See them sitting together on the chaise. Talking no doubt about what a bitch Foxy was. I had such an ache in my head from worry over dogs, I left house today, went for dinner and a huge glass of Pinot. Soothed my frittered nerves. I left the hell hounds run free and I am pleased to say all had their four paws when I returned.

Then an e-mail from Jayson, my friend from the screenplay class some months back. Here's his news: What is Lobster Man LLC? For the last six months Lobster Man LLC has secretly been becoming one of the hottest and most talked about film production companies in Atlanta! He and Philip Nutman have formed a company. Phil was my teacher and Jayson's on a screen play writing course at Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur. He and Phil went on to a collaborate on a short film for Atlanta’s number one burlesque group, “Blast Off Burlesque”. Phil's resume includes a best selling novel, “Wet Work” for which Clive Barker wrote, “"The Genre is much enriched by his insight and creativity.". Phil also co-wrote the screen play for “Jack Ketchum’s Girl Next Door”, which Stephen King has said is “The first authentically shocking American film I've seen since "Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer" . And on top of all that Phil has written for Fangoria Magazine for the last twenty years. Most recently he had the cover stories for Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 and Zombieland. Very exciting stuff indeed for two great guys. and How cool a day was this? Dogs being good and good news about my friends.

Widow Lesson Learned: Good news can come at any moment, so keep your eye open for all the great things in life. A little dog fight can straighten up a dog's butt in a hurry.

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