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Sunday, May 19, 2013

"What's On Page 25?" Chick Lit Author Blog Hop and Grand Prize Raffle

Chick Lit Author Blog Hop 2013 asks: “What’s on page 25?”

Join in for a week of fun with the 2nd annual Chick Lit Author Blog Hop. Enter to win a Kindle Keyboard 3G and more. New to blog hops?  Want to learn how to win the grand prize by collecting the secret words? Find complete information by clicking here.

The Rafflecopter prize registry form will close at 11:59 pm on May 27, 2013. The winner will be selected by random drawing and notified by email the following morning. See form at the end of this post.

In addition to the grand prize, you can enter to win a free copy of  The Unfaithful Widow, by posting a comment below. A separate drawing on this blog only will be done for my e-book and the winner announced on May 28th.

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So Just What Is On Page 25 Of My Book?

I flipped open The Unfaithful Widow to be greeted with "Down The Rabbit Hole." Like Alice's white rabbit, I am always chiming “I'm late, I'm late.” I can't remember getting any place on time as far back as...well, as far back as I can remember! I used to think it was my creative brain working in a stodgy federal office. With a flex schedule that allowed me from 6 am to 9:30 am to appear at my desk, most days I didn't show up until 9:45. I was always in trouble it seemed. I haven't changed much.

Dating again the first year after my husband's death was a challenge. I wanted out of the house to be alive with people, but the effort to be on time was staggering. After years of just grabbing my husband's arm and heading out the door, I now had to prep to look my best for someone who most likely would look their worst.

Anyone who has done the online dating thing will agree there aren't many reasons to spur you out of the house in anticipation. Dinner was my inspiration. I'd pay for my meal, order what I wanted, then rush back to the comfort of my house and dogs. (Win the grand prize! The 24th secret word in the 25-word sentence is: hopping)

I finally got up the nerve to invite a male I knew to my house. Timing is everything. It's hell to be caught with your pants down, or in my case, in my undies. A short excerpt follows:

* * * * * * * *

“Come over for dinner tomorrow.” I couldn't believe I actually said those words. No one had been in my house other than my best friend since my husband died.

“What are you cooking?”

Obviously he was not a close friend if he asked that question.

“Pizza delivery. Does that work for you?” Now I am sorry I've opened my mouth to take this step

But the plans were made and my friend was due shortly.

I looked at the floor with its fine layer of dog hairs and then at the clock. Plenty of time, I thought. I'll run the vacuum. Dog hairs are my social faux pas. It is especially fatal when the person is wearing black.

I had just pulled the vacuum into the living room when there was a loud knock on my front door.

The dogs started barking and I ran up to the door yelling over the howling hounds, “Yes, who is it?”

My guest had arrived early. Another indication this was not someone who knew me well. There I was standing in my knickers and bra.

“Wait a minute. I'll be ready in a jiff.”

Well, I thought pleasantly to myself, no need to vacuum now.

* * * * * * * *

The Unfaithful Widow is my story on my first year alone doing all those things I thought I'd never do again with the help of a vintage Corvette, the best girlfriends, a bevy of rescue dogs, bad dates leading to good things, and signs from the universe. For a true confession it has all the elements of a great chick lit story, shared over a cup of tea, or as I prefer, a frozen Margarita!

I'd love to meet all the authors here in person. Talk about a great girls night out! Join me and let's go see what's on their page 25!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Working On My New Blog - The Cottage In My Mind

Thanks to my sister for this great photo art!

Two books are in the works as I sit on my tail end and write each day. First, the continuation of my story going from widow to crazy dog lady. Written, but still in the editing phase! Hopefully the next few months will bring it on! Living with a pack of hounds is a definate life-style. I am here to tell you about it.

My new blog The Cottage In My Mind came about after looking at Victorian cottage homes for sale in areas miles from my home and realizing I am happy where I am. It is my story of transforming my vintage ranch house into the cozy cottage I dream about. Halfway through the work, with decorating foremost in my brain, and the purchase of way too many old painted pieces of furniture, this blog will transform into a book as soon as my ranch house blooms with cottage style.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Speaking Gig at the East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers Group

May 11, 2013: Barbara Barth, “Marketing From My Computer”

I had a wonderful time on Saturday speaking to the East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers Group in Covington, Georgia.  The members made me feel like a star, and I needed it! Shaking in my shoes for my first speaking gig. My subject was close to my heart, online marketing! Could not have met a warmer group.  Thanks to everyone for inviting me!