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Friday, January 29, 2010

Double Stack Dogs

There's always room for more dogs at my house. You just need to know how to stack them!

Love my new blog heading and check out my website. Designed by Auntie Momo Designs.
She is the best! Thank you Lyn.

Two more days of work at the botanical garden and next week I am a free woman. Come play with me.
I am proofing my book. Outskirts Press has sent me a copy for final review. Soon there will be a real book in my hands and maybe in yours. Sign up for book updates on my website and you may win a free copy.
My ego is pumping, I can google myself now! I put in my name and there I am. How fun is that? I keep going back to try it again and again.
Widow Lesson Learned: It is fun to google yourself! But too much googling can be a bad thing! Keeps you from doing what needs to be done.

Friday, January 22, 2010

When Good Dogs Go Bad

"..... the curious incident of the dog in the night-time," to quote Mr. Sherlock Holmes. A surprise upon returning home from a dinner out with friends. The game was afoot. The Woodhaven Street Irregulars, lead by Mr. Dandy Boy Bray, had committed a hideous crime. A lovely vintage pillow was slit with such surgical precision that it was hard to find the initial entry point. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the seam had been meticulously pulled apart, leaving the fabric unharmed. The only evidence of a crime was fiberfill stuffing, disguised as small cloud puffs, on the rug. The question rises, was the crime committed by one, or by all? I have the advantage of knowing their habits and inspected each dog carefully. Shy April held her head low. "Not I," she told me with a nod of her head. Foxy cooly assessed the damage and had no comment. Chloe, looking preoccupied, busy chewing away as if to prove she had no part of this, her hidden wickedness, a puff of stuffing, on the tip of the bone. The others stayed clear of the scene. However improbable this seemed, all the dogs had gone bad this evening.

"Excellent!" I smiled as I grabbed my camera. I am no role model for my pack of hounds, for I find more fun in discovering the crime, than they do in committing it.

The dogs watch in concern, for it is elementary, there will be no treats tonight. A lesson dogs know, but rarely listen to. For dogs, the fun is in the doing.

Widow Lesson Learned: When The Game Is Afoot, It Is Better To Be The One Standing On Two Feet.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Yard Full Of Men

I always have men at my house these days. Not dates, men, men who work. Men who I have to pay. Not the cute escort kind, but muscular workmen with hammers and saws. This is a good thing. My main man Jimmy has been here on and off since September when the rains came and lasted for seven days and nights. First it was water intruding into my basement, then it was rotten wood on the sheds, then I needed lattice between the sheds to keep the dogs from sneaking after stray mice. It is a never ending list of things a gal needs done when she can't even change a light bulb over her head. Jimmy brings other men with him, younger men, his sons. They all work in my back yard, saw horses set up, sawing wood and other things. I sit and write at the computer and glance to my left and outside the widow are the backs of men working. My dogs gather at the kitchen door barking and howling as these men go in and out the wood gate to get tools and supplies. Those things that men buy at hardware stores and love to carry in their pockets or in their tool belt.  All the flurry of work makes me flush with excitement. It is as nice as having a husband working in the yard only I don't have to fix lunch. And then they do something most husbands don't. They clean up everything and put away their tools when they finish for the day. I can sit on my deck (the deck that my man Jimmy made for me last month) and watch the dogs run through the yard and not worry they will trip on some workman's belongings.
The Reverand who mows my yard came up today to see what all the fuss was a buzzin about in my yard. Jimmy and sons were working on the wood fence by my kitchen door. "Better move that corvette," the Rev told me, "might get hit with some of that flying wood." Then he offered to crank it up and move it for me. Then Jimmy and his sons said they would be happy to move the corvette also. No one is moving my car unless it's me. But there was a big flutter of excitement about my 79 corvette. Truth is I haven't cranked it in a good while and I think it is time to get it on the road and leave my van behind. I'll just shop for smalls that can tuck in the seat beside me. Oh, I am sorry, dog boy Bray, you want to crank the corvette and sit in it with me. Bray is the only male allowed near my muscle car. He is a dandy boy and won't tell me how to drive.
A lovely day of sun and men, and now at nightfall I am home to snuggle with the pups. Tomorrow brings me another man, Calvin. I like to keep them coming and going. Calvin has his hauling truck and we are going to pick up a charming ole blue cupboard I bought. Shopping I did when my yard was full of men a working.

Widow's Lesson Learned: It takes many men to make me happy, workmen that is. But it will take just one man to make me smile.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Read My Lips

See these ruby red lips.  If you are a guy and are reading my blog, consider yourself kissed. I am writing tonight to say I kiss more than the dogs. Nothing hotter than the kiss of a lonely widow ready to play. This adult content is for a dear family member who said, "no wonder she can't date, all she talks about are the dogs." So, dear loved one, tonight I'll talk trash. Hot kisses, wet kisses, all the kisses one could want. Providing you don't mind the fact they've kissed a dog first.  Gotcha! Silly me, still talking dogs instead of sex!
I know there is a man out there saying to himself, "I really want to meet the kind of woman who is cool, wears vintage leather jackets, jeans and gobs of turquoise jewlery. I love it she wears ankle boots in the winter and mary janes in the summer. I like that she thinks green and recycles clothing buying at Goodwill. The more dogs she has the hotter she'll be. So much love to share. We'll eat drink and be happy, and I won't mind if she has a few extra pounds as long as those pounds are just for me. I like it she isn't trying to impress me, but wants me to impress her. So what if she doesn't cook, rarely vaccums and never dusts. I can take pills for my allergies. I don't mind sleeping alone while she is up all night writing, as long as she starts the evening in the bedroom. She can do whatever she wants as long as she wants me there with her. Thats the hot widow chick I am looking for."
If you are a male reading this and saying, those are my thougths exactly, pick up the phone and call me! You can find me under 1 -800- hot widow.
So sis, can I RIP?  Love ya.

Widow lesson learned: Sometimes you have to talk about something other than the dogs or you could be a dog of a date!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Eyes So Full Of Rain And Dogs With A Side Of Men

Hiding in my jammies tonight. Enough excitement for one poor widow gal today. My workman back this morning to try and finish up before the rain. Oops. Too late. Rain came early. Getting lots of small things done and it is nice to get my morning call, "be there in thirty." This has been going on since September when the rain leaked into my basement. Then found one rotting thing after another so I have had a man here for months. Lucky for me when your workman is on parole you can get lots done since he can't leave town. He was here long enough today to work on my flood lights which refuse to turn on. "Please be careful," I was worried. He was up on the tall metal ladder and the rain drops were falling. Did I turn off the power? He kept asking me to throw the switch and I got so google eye watching him tall in the air I forgot which switch he was asking for on or off. "Don't want you to flip off that ladder and land atop my corvette," I yelled up to him full of concern. He left a few minutes later to return on Monday.
Then I headed out for my day of adventure. Helping my rescue lady State Trooper Peggy with her pack of pups at PetSmart. "Can you bring pizza for lunch?" she asked me as I was backing out my drive. Cell phone in one hand and turning on my windshield wipers with my other I heard a loud thump. "Bye, see you soon." Closed my cell and looked out the rear. I had run smack dab into the corner post of my fence. Figuring I could just pull forward I switched gears and hit the gas. My tires were a spinning the ground so mushy from all the rain. I tried several times, digging in deeper. Finally I got out, walked around to check on the damage and grabbed a flat piece of fence wood to put by my wheel for traction. I can never remember, front or back of tire. So no help there. My eyes were starting to tear up I was so befuddled on what to do. My neighbor across the street came running. "Can I help?" Thank heavens. "I've been watching you from the kitchen window, couldn't figure out what you're doing." Wrecking my yard is what I'm doing, but I kept silent. He got my car back on the driveway having to push it while I hit the gas. Praying in my state of mind I wouldn't hit reverse and then I'd have a flat neighbor as well as a woppy jaw fence. He went back home pleased he had helped a damsel in distress, I found that a sweeter term than the idiot behind the wheel. Which may have been truer. For as I backed down the driveway once again I hit the fence on the other side of the drive. Not so hard as to knock it over though.  I wonder if my neighbor saw that? How red is my face. But I smile knowing my workman will have something else to do. A never ending list of honey dos and no real honey. But see how simple it is to keep a man around the house?
Did I tell you I am on the twelve step program for dogs? So I am safe helping the rescue gal Peggy. I like to watch the folks trying to decide if they want a dog. Some sit there for an hour holding a dog then leave, saying "maybe later." Not me, I see a dog, it wags its tail and I sign the papers.  Not one caught my fickle dog eye today, thank goodness. And Peggy has me on restriction which is cool. I have six dogs, she has sixty.
I am the laziest widow in town. Was to see a male friend of mine tonight, but the rain made me want to stay home alone. I called him, "date cancelled due to weather." I knew it would be fine with him or it would have been quite rude of me. But I had rain in my eyes and didn't want to see anyone. So the evening was perfect, romantic chic flicks, jammies, dogs on my lap, quilts all around and a lovely glass of sherry to warm me. I snuggled in for a quiet evening at home, a decision I was pleased I made.
Widow Lesson Learned: It is so much better to have your eyes full of rain and make your own decisions then to have them full of tears and know not what to do.

Find a great dog with Atlanta Canine Adoption Project! I found two.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frogs, Widows And Puppy Dog Tails

The Atlanta Botanical Garden
Help the amphibians.
Frogs are in trouble! More than one-third of the world's amphibian species are considered threatened or endangered.Rescue programs strive to give some amphibian species a lien on life. However, for many amphibians, time is of the essence! Check how you can help:
There are future prince charmings to be rescued. You never know what happens when you kiss a frog.

Wizards at work. The stars aligning. Good things about to happen to a lonely widow sad sack at home with nothing to do. October 2008, a bad date turned into a wonderful part time job. We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens after a Mexican lunch and I met my match. Not the guy I found online, but the beautiful garden haven he showed me. Flowers, art and a frog pod. I dumped my date as swiftly as I could. Ran home and Googled the gardens.Planning on volunteering, a huge flower opened and the word employment popped out, beckoning me. I was transfixed. Part time sales associate, gift shop. I knew the job would be mine. I kissed my monitor, thank you Lordy, and The Atlanta Botanical Garden became my prince charming.
Now I am on the move again. My last day working at the Botanical Garden Gift Shop will be Jan. 31st. Writing until all hours of the night, with six dogs watching my back, a vintage corvette that is waiting to hit the road, and my book to bedazzle bookshops is my path this year. I’ll try to pace myself so I won’t run over my real Prince Charming if he is standing on the side of the road thumbing for a ride. There may just be room in the seat next to me for a soul daring enough to hang on.
On the dog front, I missed my vet appointment for Annabelle. So engrossed in watching the workmen in my yard, lifting plywood and a hammering, a sight that my eyes find exciting. Men and tools. I forgot we were due at the vet at 10:30. I called to confirm my afternoon appointment at lunch and oh the surprise I'd defaulted. I’ve been in to see them so much this week, my brain is fogged on who and when. So tomorrow early as the sun rises, Annabelle will go to see if she has any of the worms that are frequenting these premises.
Tonight I am sighing with relief, my floodlights are working, the siding is back on the shed and an albino rat’s body was carried to the trash at the street by someone other than me.
Widow Lesson Learned: Prince Charmings come in many forms. You just need to recognize them when they come along.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feelin' Like An Old Dog

Dem bones have been a hurtin the last few days. Weather so cold your feet freezin in the heaviest of footies. And at this very time in the weather cycle I am out of Ibuprfen. My drug of choice. Keeps my joints happy and me grovin. But for three days I have not been smart enough to go to the drug store and I was board stiff today. Joints creeking as I got off the couch. Befuddling to be feeling like an old dog on the outside, and like a sex kitten on the inside. A sex kitten who is trapped at the pound. No one to take this kitty home. So the old dog ate lunch with friends and then went to CVS.  Biggest bottle of pills I could find came home with me. Thirty minutes later I was grovin to my music. Dancing to Marvin Gaye's Got To Give It Up. Ten minutes of soul train dancing and I am a new gal. The dogs looked at each other in amazement. I could see in their doggie brains they were saying, "What the heck?" No dog buscuit made them feel this grandeous.
Feels good to be back on track. Cut the carbs and exercise. My next move. And to the Wellness center to do the stretchy things that make you pop! But that is next weeks plan.
Tonights plan is to snuggle in bed with the dogs and dream of a man who is a loveable pup. "Big Dog" is what I am looking for. Not one with fleas, but one who can please.

Widow Lesson Learned: Keep on your Iburorifen to feel like a sex kitten rather than an old dog. And if you find your mate at the local pound be sure he has had his shots and does not have any doodly bugs. The only big worm he should be sporting is not in the intestines. Keep plenty of treats on hand to reward tricks well done.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bats In My Belfry

My head is full of bats. Flying bats with craziness that makes me laugh. I should be crying. But when you have bats in your belfry you don't connect with reality.
That is me today. Not in this reality.
Six dogs. How did I not realize that if one got critters, all might? So we (my vet and I) are still working on finding out who has what. And it is a puzzle most certainly.
Let me put my findings in order.
Foxy has Giardia, a parasite in her intestines. She is on meds for that. The other five are being checked to see if they have this too.
Yesterday, April, the newest addition to the mad house, went in for her check up. Good news. No worms or parasites. And high five from vet man that she is one good looking dog. I beamed with pride. I'd found a winner. Nothing wrong with her! Later I told the gal from the rescue shelter my good news on April. "Oh, by the way," she informed me, "don't let her near cats. Grabbed three one day." I refused to ask what that meant, but I do know not to get a cat. And I know she may not be the dog I walk in the neighborhood. She is a hunting dog. Don't they hunt something other than cats? What a pussy.
Today, Rascal went to see the man. More high fives on cuteness. Rascal had a shy moment and let herself be handled and prodded. She took it well. Then, in a flash the man walked in and Rascal bared her teeth and started snarling. "Is she afraid of men?" my vet asked. "I think she is afraid of your Bugs Bunny tie," I tried to make light of a situation I suddenly worried about. What if she didn't like men? Another dating strike.
But they shooed me out the door, to see how Rascal did without me and she became her old self. I think she trying to be bigger in her paws than she is. Such behavior is not tolerated here. Her shelter lady said she loved all she met on her weekends at PetSmart. We had a discussion on her bad manners on the drive home where she tried to sneak kisses rather than listen.Rascal has whipworms. So we have pills for that. But could the others have whipworms now? That is a good question. Luckily we have only checked 3 for giardia, now the other 3 can be checked for both and I can backtrack the last ones. Whew.
Annabelle goes in on Thursday for her intro to the man. I have all her papers, but we'll see if she has any doodly bugs.
I came home my head a spinning on dogs and their critters. "Keep the yard clean," the last words I heard as I ran my debit card. I am walking with Lysol cans strapped to my ankles.
Just as I started to relax I remembered my new nightie I bought at the thrift store today. Liz Claiborne jammie pants and a large oversized sweater to knock about in this cold weather at night. I am tired of running out after the dogs with my butt chillin under my short night shirt.
I opened the door to head down the stairs to wash them and noticed the runner had a small hole and loops of yarn twirling around it. How did the dogs get there? I wondered. And then I saw it, small and tangled in the hole, a rat turd. "Shit," I screamed. Then laughed. How true. I went down the stairs and there by the washer and dryer more of the same. Ratatoullie? I wonder if my new housemate can cook?
So, on my list of things to do. Rat trap.
Today was a day of bats in my belfry and rats in my basement.
I am happy to report six butts are sleeping in the living room, sweetly dreaming. I smile as I look at them. I am their rock star, Leader of The Pack. I rush to get my jammies to join them.

Widow Lesson Learned: Every dog has his day, and my dogs are each having a day this week.

Bat clip art from

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

Still cold, dogs are a shiverin'. Foxy is belovely in her pink sweater, new from PetSmart on Saturday. She is still not feeling well, so her sweater keeps her warm and cozy. Bray stays close. Two peas in a pod.
Chloe in her faux fur is bewitching, but her little face tells me she needs an attitude lesson. She can't go out in the cold.
Rascal has had enough of being out. Giving me the old red eye beggin to come in.

I know six dogs is my limit now. I have to keep counting noses to see if they are all here. "Let's see, one, two, three, four, five...........OMG where is six?"
I am one dog shy of commitment.

Oh yes, Annabelle, asleep on the couch. She opted out for the Kodak moment.

 April only here since Saturday is yawning with boredom. Little does she know that in 30 minutes her self will be making a journey to meet the man, vet Max.
Sharing a lazy day of dog photos with you. No man under the quilt with me today but plenty of warmth abounds with the coziest of dog moments.

Bray is sometimes faint hearted being the only male in a household of "bitches" (meant in the kindliest of dog terms).

Widow Lesson Learned: Cold noses make for a warm heart.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Music And New Dog

Every day is an adventure! Found a way to put my favorite songs on my blog! Will be adding to my playlist as I go. Great free site to listen to music. Three of my favorite songs. I love September by Earth, Wind and Fire.Check it out.

And now meet April. My last and final dog or I am in the dog house for sure. A rescue from Animal Canine Adoption Project. Same place I got Rascal from New Year's Eve. Had the evil eye for both, but in the name of sanity only got one. But April had buried her image in my brain and I couldn't forget her smiling face. Could you? She is so sweet. And timid. The other bigger dogs were making her a fraidy cat and she wanted so to be in a smaller place where she could blossom. Well, she has blossomed alright. Here not half a day and already sleeping on the chaise. She was so docile when she came in the other dogs almost missed her. Rascal created a hoopla, but April got a butt sniff, the highest sign of approval from the others. Six dogs. If I take out the I and add an E in its place the word will be sex. Sex that I will probably never have again since every man will fear the crazy woman with six dogs. But the man who says, hey, cool, will win my heart. And maybe there is a crazy dog man out there. Meanwhile I am all smiley with my group. We watched TV, Bray on the big leather chair, April on the floor next to him, Annabelle under a quilt on the couch, Rascal with her head on my chest, Foxy at the other end of the couch and Chloe curled up on my lap. Is that six? I am loosing count. But it is very warm and cozy when you have that many dogs laying on you and it is 17 degrees outside. A big heap of warmth.Here is the link to the rescue shelter, and Peggy is the best. A state trooper who knows how to let the dogs out. Out to my house it seems. Could you resist this sweet face?
Widow Lesson Learned: I am one dog away from being a fruit loop.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow and Dog Health

Rascal is bedazzeled by the snow at night. So enchanted she got the red and blue eye.
Checking out paw prints to see who has been where. With so many prints it is hard to tell. Rascal, the sniffer dog.
Doggie Diagnosis
It's official. Foxy has Giardia, a parasite of the intestines that is making her sicky poop. Good news she is on meds so hopefully she will feel better soon. Bad news, with five dogs, four others may have it. Was told to bring in labeled specimens from each in their own baggie. "Collect it tonight," my vet told me than chuckled. Sure, why not. It is below freezing and snowing. Just what I had planned for the evening. Tracking behind four dogs with my pooper scooper and a flashlight in the snow. I think not. We'll see what tomorrow brings. His final words to me as he handed me Foxy's meds, "If you start to feel ill, call your doctor. Humans get this too." Well, there is something to think about. And to think I was worried about swine flu.
Good night for hiding under the covers, and I am getting ready to slip under a quilt and watch a late night movie. Leaving the front drapes open so I can look out at the street lights reflecting on the snow in my yard and street. That's how I love this weather best. Snug as a bug in a rug. Sherry anyone?
Widow Lesson Learned: Five dogs can make a snow evening pooptastic!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On GoogleAdWords And Dog Health

Foxy pleading, no colonoscopy for me.

Well I am off and running, but running where I know not. Promote, promote, promote. And that is what I am doing. But my mind is a fuzzy mess on what it is I am actually doing. But time will tell or not. Signed up for GoogleAdWords to promote my web site that is in baby stages. Trying to get some excitement up for my book, The Unfaithful Widow, which I hope will be ready from Outskirts Press end of February. Early bird gets the worm so I am awake and fishing.
Pretty darn cool, they have started a campaign:

Barbara Barths New Book
Author Of The Unfaithful Widow.
Join The Blog & Get Excited!

But I don't know where this ad is placed for people to find it. The game is afoot. "The Press, Watson, is a most valuable institution, if you know how to use it." And so is the Internet, and I am trying to learn how to use it.
The hell hounds are resting. Foxy had a vet visit today. She has been having stomach stinky issues that can clear a room, so she was hurried to see her main man Max. Test results tomorrow.
Do you know they can do a colonoscopy on a dog? It was one of the tests suggested for later down the road if still perplexed. Foxy was on all four paws pleading, no, not that. Dear girl, I will not do that test. You are too old and can toot all you like if we don't find a pill to chill.
My old now gone dog Jake had an EKG once, that was interesting. I watched as they plugged him up and sent the info via phone lines, just like humans. Then he had acupuncture, which was so relaxing for him. Needle in top of head, the calming zone, then down his back and hind legs, plugged up to a battery pack. He hummed for thirty minutes to get his qi, vital energy, back.
Me, a glass of sherry or a wink from a handsome guy gets my qi back!
I have had three hits on my adwords campaign and I think it was me checking myself out?
If you see me floating on Google let me know!
Widow Lesson Learned: Dogs can get a colonoscopy. I'd hate to see the prep on that one.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

But Baby It's Cold Outside

I'd rather be at the beach! Way too cold outside for humans and dogs. Coldness chilled my bones and I got under a quilt with four dogs. Foxy's legs too wobbly to get on bed, so she was on the floor wrapped in a fleece blanket, feeling rather special. Me? Toasty warm with my Chi on my neck and three dogs curled around my legs and arms. The body under the wrapping looked twice as big as I. Dogs are fun to snuggle with to be warmer, but where is a man to make things hot?

Dinner with a friend and a glass of Pinot took the chill off early evening. My good friend, an antique dealer and artist, with her blonde white hair so straight and cool looking we gabbed on men and life. She gets it. Kicks butt too. But her man is keeping her warm tonight. I am on the computer again at the most ungodly hours.

Changing the background colors on here to match my mood of quilts. Patchwork of colors everywhere around me in bed today and suddenly my blog looked dull as dirt.

As dull as that 49 year old guy who explained the widow rule to me over dinner my first fall alone. Watching paint dry was more exciting. He's in my book under the snooze dates. A cougar with her prey and I had to send him back to his den, he wasn't coming to mine. The god of bad dates got me home quickly.

So now my blog is sparkly with color, the way a date with a much younger man should be. But all I got was grey.

Widow Lesson Learned: Just because a guy is younger does not mean he is good for anything.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Someone Please Explain Creating Website To Me!

My head is a spinning in all directions. Up again til the cock-a-doodle-do sounds when I should be in bed. Dogs are passed out on chaise and couch. The Chi asleep in my lap. Poor Annabelle is hiding under a pillow wondering if her silly owner will get off computer and flop in bed so she can snuggle. Brain is befuddled as I try my hand at creating a website for my book. So far this is what I have and I need some help! Widow's brain does not compute computers.
Widow Lesson Learned: If you're cheap, you don't sleep. Why didn't I pay someone to do a web???? ahhhh, still time, Confucius says.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Who Let The Dogs Out

A heap of dog butt in this ole house. Do you think a widow trying to date will ever find a man who can find this amusing? Well, the widow has to find a man who amuses her as much as these dogs do. So this a question that time will sort out. Meanwhile, the widow's bed is full of love on any given night.
The answers to this and other dating questions and how to kick a life in the butt again to be found in the soon to be published The Unfaithful Widow by Barbara Barth.
Widow Lesson Learned: It takes a heap of dogs to replace a hot blooded man.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A KicK In The Dog Butt Is Not A Bad Thing

Oh Happy New Year. So much good news I am frothy with excitement! Firstly, the dogs have made peace. Quite a squabble earlier today when Foxy my old girl gave Chloe the Chi her due. Snapped that babe together. Suddenly she is gracious to all, even the new dog. See them sitting together on the chaise. Talking no doubt about what a bitch Foxy was. I had such an ache in my head from worry over dogs, I left house today, went for dinner and a huge glass of Pinot. Soothed my frittered nerves. I left the hell hounds run free and I am pleased to say all had their four paws when I returned.

Then an e-mail from Jayson, my friend from the screenplay class some months back. Here's his news: What is Lobster Man LLC? For the last six months Lobster Man LLC has secretly been becoming one of the hottest and most talked about film production companies in Atlanta! He and Philip Nutman have formed a company. Phil was my teacher and Jayson's on a screen play writing course at Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur. He and Phil went on to a collaborate on a short film for Atlanta’s number one burlesque group, “Blast Off Burlesque”. Phil's resume includes a best selling novel, “Wet Work” for which Clive Barker wrote, “"The Genre is much enriched by his insight and creativity.". Phil also co-wrote the screen play for “Jack Ketchum’s Girl Next Door”, which Stephen King has said is “The first authentically shocking American film I've seen since "Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer" . And on top of all that Phil has written for Fangoria Magazine for the last twenty years. Most recently he had the cover stories for Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 and Zombieland. Very exciting stuff indeed for two great guys. and How cool a day was this? Dogs being good and good news about my friends.

Widow Lesson Learned: Good news can come at any moment, so keep your eye open for all the great things in life. A little dog fight can straighten up a dog's butt in a hurry.

Waiting For 2010

I've stayed up til 3am, so with the time difference from where this comes, I am here right after midnight and it is Jan 1, 2010. Didn't want to wait until morning, this morning after I finally go to bed. The night air is cold and damp from the rain, but it is fresh with new beginnings and I find it exhilarating. Just gave the hounds their last run in the yard. Brrrr. Chilled to the bones but ready for the world.

My book goes to Outskirts Press today (via the Internet of course, is there any other way?)and a new chapter in my life begins on this first day of the new year. My book. The Unfaithful Widow, Fragmented Memoirs Of My First Year Alone. My ramblings on getting a life back. And buying a vintage corvette to send my soul on it's journey. I'll be sharing parts of it here with my Lessons Learned. And of course, the dogs who rescued me are a part of all that is good again and the subject of most of my rantings here.
So Happy New Year to me and to anyone who wanders into my little blog in this world.
Widow Lesson Learned: Staying up late is a fun thing, until it hits you in the face in the morning.