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Author, Blogger, Sometimes Antique Dealer, Dog Hoarder. I live with five rescue dogs from my local animal shelters. There are days I have to bark to be heard!  

In 2008, everything changed when I lost my husband. About to turn sixty and petrified I would never recover,  I started writing to keep from sending frantic e-mails in the middle of the night to everyone I knew.We didn't have children, I had retired from my job with the Federal Government, and all my friends were married. On my own in a strange new world, I decided I would be happy again. Remembering the movie "What About Bob" with Bill Murray using baby steps to move forward, I paced myself to figure out what was next for me. Then I wrote about it. 

My memoir, The Unfaithful Widow, placed as a finalist in the 2011 USA Best Book Awards. Not your usual widow book, but one about finding happiness after loss with a quirky assortment of dogs, friends, dates, and a vintage Corvette.

I've been writing ever since trying my hand in different genres. I still like writing memoir best, essays on life around me. I love when someone contacts me after reading my book, or a short post on a blog. The joy of writing is connecting with someone that my work has touched.

Former blogger for Lifetime Television’s “The Balancing Act” my essays have appeared on many sites for women.

My first fictional book, Danger In Her Words, is a bit of a naughty romp, with a touch of sex and a sprinkle of murder. All in a farmhouse an hour outside of Atlanta.

A Dog Dreams of Paris is a picture book for children and dreamers of all ages. A diary of places my hunting dog, Miss April in Paris, would visit if she went to the city of lights. Proceeds go to animal rescue.

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As a single woman in her late sixties life can be a challenge. I hope to share more of my adventures with you soon. In the meantime, you can catch up with me here.


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