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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Rescue Dog For New Year's Eve

Excitement bells are ringing as I am about to ring in the New Year. My date for New Year's Eve, a rescue dog, so sweet and dear. She is a patchwork of color: white with brindle areas on her back. She looks like she is wrapped in her own little soft sweater. Sweet eyes to match, each a different color. We have not met in person but the voices in my head tell me she will stay. She has to pass the butt sniff test of the other hounds, but they love company and will welcome her to the pack. Tonight I have my home inspection and then on Thursday, in time to kiss in the New Year, Rascal Dash should be mine. Oh broken heart if there is a problem. But joy in my spirit tells me this is the one. Thank you to Atlanta Canine Adoption Project. Check them out online and find your own forever dog.

Widow Lesson Learned: I'd rather be kissing a dog on New Year's Eve, than a dog of a bad date.

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