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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Magic, Santa's Gift To The Widow

My second Christmas as a widow is just about to come down the chimney. It is December 21st, my first offical day of blogging and only 3 shopping days til Christmas Eve. Last Christmas was my first as a widow, having been without a husband since May of that year. I was determined not to spend the holidays without a heap of Christmas fun. A hard thing to do when all you want for Christmas is the Christmas past. But Santa and his elves found a man, a Santa's helper, online for me to take a trip back in time with on Christmas night. Our Town, in real life. This gentleman took me on a ride in a huge truck through his old neighborhood, sharing stories of his youth growing up in the house around the corner. House after house bedazzeled me with all their lights and candy canes popped out of roofs. Not a grinch was to be found. The evening ended with a late night breakfast at the Waffle House on the corner. Santa's helper dropped me back at my car and I swear I heard him yell as he drove out of sight, Merry Christmas To All, and To All A Good Night. A sad widow believed in the magic of Christmas again.

This year I have four dogs instead of Santa's helper. How fun is that? The tree is sparingly decorated for fear one of the four legged critters will be too interested in the shiny balls on the tree and then, Kaboom! You get the picture. Not a Kodak moment, but maybe one for funniest home videos. The lights twinkling bringing magic back for a season that could be lonely if you are a widow without dogs. I know I will be kissed under the Mistletoe.

That's Foxy my 13 year old Shepherd dressed for Christmas, many Christmases past. She's rickety now and doesn't fuss as much with her looks. She is a nautral beauty, back then she was a hussy.

Widow Lesson Learned: Christmas Can Be Fun If You Let Santa Open Your Heart To The Magic Around You. Dogs are great kissers.

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Patrice Dickey said...

Dear Barbara,

You are the original Bon Vivante!Look at you wheeling that 'Vette! I want to see some pix of you and your dogs cavorting around the tree!

XO, Patrice Dickey
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