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Friday, December 25, 2009

Outskirts Press, POD, Follow My Progress

Oh Come All Ye Faithful. I had faith this would be a honey of a Christmas and it was. Counting my blessings on my fingers and toes. All four dogs, my mother and a few of my favorite friends for a day of bliss. Phone calls kept me running to say Hi to those far and near. Rainbows after an evening of rain last night.
Planning a New Year's treat for 2010. My book may be ready end of February. Print On Demand (POD ) since I was not given the gift of patience, more a curse of gotta do it now. Looking for an agent, but they are not looking for me. Yet.
Have my copyright in the works and my manuscript on its way later next week. Oh the widow's woes, explored first hand by yours truly.
I am sipping a bit of sherry remembering days past, of a lovely marriage to my true love. But a heap of strength and a will that won't stop got me up and moving.
Wrote my story and earned a few dogs along the way. Took a course at Emory U that explained print on demand. Outskirts Press, my choice for POD. I'll keep you posted on how this goes. So far, so good. No one can ask dumber questions then me and I have an angel of a rep at Outskirts.
I also have my own vendetta with Word. How can you trust Word when spell check substitutes crabs for carbs. A gal can get into a heap of trouble on that one.
See for yourself what Outskirts offers and look for my personal experience and remarks on getting my book out to the world with a little help from my friends at Outskirts Press.
Wize Foxy thinks she should edit my book.

Widow Lesson Learned: It is far better to eat carbs than to have crabs. Would someone explain this to Word please.

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