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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost Christmas Eve The Widow Waits While The Dogs Dress Up

Fun landed on my door step on Monday when my mother flew in from Florida for Christmas week. The loving daughter that I am, made her take a cab from the airport. But it is better for her and safer then to have me driving my beast on the expressway. We are all anxiously awaiting Christmas day and a big hoopla of festivities. The dogs are keen that something is in the air be it the holiday spirit or the smell of roast beef simmering away. Their noses are up as they prance round the house. Annabelle decided the tree lights so bright she needed her shades. Tales are a wagging and a waiting.
Annabelle, another rescue dog from Animal Action Rescue, Decatur, Ga. A true love can be found there.
Widow Lesson Learned: Dogs love Christmas too but are way cool in how they wait. Patience, a virtue the widow must explore.

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