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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Ray Of Sunshine On A Cold Dreary Night

Wowie. It is cold and raining on the night before New Year's Eve. Worked at the botanical garden until 10pm. Last week of the Henry Moore exhibit. Then to Publix for dog food and people food. Now am snug and warm at home. Dogs are pacing as they are not getting bones tonight. Always I give them huge handfuls of biscuits upon arrival but tonight no bones. Foxy has to fast for a blood test at 8 am, so if Foxy doesn't get to eat, no one gets to eat, except me. I am the Alpha and make the rules. But Foxy would be face down if the others were given treats and she wasn't. So I am opting for confused and befuddled dogs rather than sad face Foxy. Seems fair to me, but three out of four dog faces don't agree.

Annabelle was a ray of sunshine in this dismal cold weather. A look like that deserves some treats, but all she got were kisses and a promise.

Reminds me of my last date, he got kisses and some promises too. But no treats for him either.

Tomorrow is a big day to end the Old Year. My book is finally finished, the last words a widow had to say were on dog rescue. Tomorrow I release it to Outskirts Press for them to work their magic. And tomorrow a rescue dog comes for the New Year. A smiling widow can relax her work for the day is done.
Widow Lesson Learned: Promises and kisses but no treats works on dogs as well as men. Both will behave to see what's next.

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