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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome Eddy And Her Rescue Dogs Ginger & Dargo

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Welcome to Eddy from Georgia and her wonderful rescue dogs!
My husband and I rescued 2 German Shepard dogs. Ginger was the first. She came from Alcovy Pet Rescue. She is a black and tan, now 5 years old and such a loving dog. She was only 13 months and suffered a bad demodectic mange when we rescued her. Now she is one happy bestfriend!
The second one was Dargo, a black and tan GSD who was separated from his brother. Happy endings to both brothers for they found their forever homes. Dargo was also a puppy when he came into our lives. We got him from Marietta, Ga. He is now a happy, silly 2 year old who loves having a big sister.
I lost my mother back in 1991 and we had a loving German Shepard dog named, "Lady". I believe that all animals are somewhat connected to the ones we love - I really do.
The photo of me with Ginger was taken during Ginger's first year with us.

Eddy has an Esty shop where she creates and sells handstitched pillows on tea or coffee-stained muslin fabric to give them that unique primitive look. Talented and with a big heart for dogs. What a super combination! Visit her shop at .  

Thanks Eddy for the lovely story and photos.  I love your dogs!
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Widow Lesson Learned: A heart that loves animals is always full of love.


Debby said...

Sweet!!! I love reading stories about rescues..They are so special, I will have to hop over and check her blog out.

Creations By Everlastingbloom said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to post about me and my 4 legged kids! I'm excited to be a member of such good people with big hearts.

I'm very new when it comes to blogging. I will do my best to learn my way around blogging. I am prepping up for our local Grayson Day Festival Saturday. The weathermen keeps talking about rain - so be it. My pillows will be inside the History Center.

Until next time. Thank You again.