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Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Contest And Giveaway. Share Your Rescue Dog Story

"I like to think I've rescued dogs, but they have rescued me." The Unfaithful Widow, Barbara Barth 2010
New Contest/Giveaway. Deadline May 24th 6pm est. Share your rescue dog story and be entered into a giveaway to win a one of a kind dog rescue charm bracelet. Leave your short tale as a comment here. I will use a random number generator to pick the winner on May 24th. If you would like to be a guest blogger and include a photo, go to my profile info and hit the contact button and you can e-mail me directly and send your photo as an attachment I can upload.  I am waiting................(Photo of bracelet to be revealed later this month - you will love it. Similar to the one given away in February.) PS - If you are a rescue cat person, you can enter too. If you win your bracelet will be made with a cat theme. We love all rescue animals here.
Dogs. That word makes me smile. My Dogs. Those words make my smile brighter. Rescue Dogs, those words have gotten me in trouble but saved my life when it was a dark place as a new widow.
Five rescue dogs in under a year. Then of course, there is my old lady Foxy who has been with me for thirteen years. All that love all day long!
My favorite rescue folks:
Animal Action Rescue, Decatur, Ga. A great group. Check them out at . They brought me my first rescue dog and the rest is history.
Then there is State Trooper Peggy with Atlanta Canine Adoption Project The photo was taken at Pet Smart in Atlanta a few weeks ago when I stopped by to see her latest pups.

"Hello, my name is Midnight and you can find me at Animal Action Rescue. How's it going?"


gpc said...

Until he was taken from us by bone cancer, I had a greyhound named Ramsey. He was a loser on the racetrack, but he won all our hearts as soon as we got him. When we had to be away for several hours, he would build a little shrine to us, and when we returned we would find a pile of our clothing and the children's toys gently stacked in the front hallway, with Ramsey lying nearby, with his nose in the cup of one of my bras.

Debbie said...

I am a member of Boston Terrier Rescue in Canada and have fostered several dogs over the years.... my favorite was Annie... she was blind with cataracts but still a character. Since I have two bostons of my own, I always did a quick check visually in the house to make sure all three dogs were accounted for. I was leaving one day and couldn't find Annie..... I went from room to room, "Annie, Annie...." with my two dogs following me - upstairs, downstairs, even checked outside... then I began to panic.... went thru the living room once more.... and sitting quite comfortably on the back of my couch chair..... was Annie - the couch was black and tan... and annie was black and white..... she was watching me run around yelling for her... with a look on her face that said...... "dumb ass"..... i'm right here!!! Annie went to a wonderful forever home.... and is a happy healthy dog today!

Micki said...

We have rescued both of our dogs named Charlie and Rufus. Charlie was abandoned on the street, and we found him. Rufus, who is a border collie, was terribly abused. He was set on fire and beaten. We rescued him and he had surgery and many medical problems. He was afraid to eat , as the vet surmised that he was set on fire while he was eating. It took me months to get him to love food, and soon after that, he was healthy, happy, and totally adjusted to the both of us. He is a very loving and gentle hearted dog, and so special to us. Both our dogs are our babies and we are so happy to have rescued them.

eddy said...

eddy said...
Very inspiring. Thank you for posting. My husband and I rescued 2 German Shepard dogs. Ginger looks was the first. She is a black and tan, now 5 years old and such a loving dog. She was only 13 months and suffered a bad demodectic mange when we rescued her. Now she is one happy bestfriend! The second one was Dargo, a black and tan GSD who was separated from his brother. Happy endings to both brothers for they found their forever homes. Dargo was also a puppy when he came into our lives. He is now a happy, silly 2 year old who loves having a big sister.

I lost my mother back in 1991 and we had a loving German Shepard dog named, "Lady". I believe that all animals are somewhat connected to the ones we love - I really do.

ooglebloops said...

All 4 of our dogs are pitbull rescues. One tale - is Sunny. My daughter found him dumped in an apt complex parking lot, as she was on her way home from a friend's at about midnight. A disreputable breeder in the area, was breeding fighting dogs, and this little guy flunked out of "fight school" apparently! He was 5 months old, the guy couldn't sell him, so just left him in the lot. Several guys were ready to grab him up as a bait dog, but my daughter grabbed him 1st and brought him home. His tail had been docked (which I later learned was for fighting)he was 5 mos old, thin, with a UT infection. I had all intentions of finding him a great forever home-but not my home!Within 24 hours, he had wormed his way into my heart - despite his rough beginnings, he was a natural heeler, wonderful with kids, and a big couch potato.Sunny is a dogo/pit mix-he became mine and the best dog I have ever been owned by!!!!
Love reading other rescue stories!!! Great giveaway - thanks for the chance!!!!

The Lone Dollier said...

First, like I mentioned on another comment, BRAVO to you and everyone that rescues animals.

I'm a cat person so my kitty was basically a rescue kitty. When my beloved cat of 15 years was put down due to cancer, a then-friend drug me to get another kitty. This poor thing was scrounging for scraps with it's litter mates and mom. The people that had them didn't want to feed them. I would have taken ALL of them that instant if I could, but had to settle for one. I brought Rascals home as a small, skinny, malnourished kitten not used to human contact (I was scratched & bit constantly) and now she's fat, sassy, and nuttier than a fruitcake (lives up to her name) & I love her to bits. She sleeps on my legs every night (well, when she's not curled up on the electric blanket in my son's bed).