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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top Ten Pet Friendly Vehicles By Guest Writer, Julee Russo

Continuing tonight with our friend, and guest blogger, Julee Russo in her series of dog posts. Tonight Julee tells us how cars can make your fido feel secure and comfy! Click on the links to view the cars not pictured!

Top 10 Pet Friendly Vehicles

I get tired of watching my pet teeter totter in my car seat while attempting to balance in positions that look so uncomfortable. Space, safety features and cost are all important considerations to make when buying a new car. However, if you have a pet, you probably also want a car that all of you can share in peace. While the primary function of a car is to transport you and your things quickly and efficiently, your precious cargo deserves the safety and comfort offered by some of the best cars on the market.

Keep this in mind as you begin you search: Not all cars are created equal. The fastest cars are often the least practical, and the most spacious cars are the least fuel efficient. When it comes to pets, you want something that has the best of all worlds.

The following list details 10 different cars that will satisfy pet and parent alike, and leave enough breathing room for everyone.

1. Starting at around $20,000, though expect to spend a few bucks more if you want some of the dog-friendly features, the Honda Element is the perfect machine for human and animal. It’s large, boxy interior leaves plenty of room and accessibility for everyone.

2. Ever a utility vehicle, the Jeep Commandar (starting at around $33,000) isn’t cheap, but it’s sturdy and will last you years. With plenty of interior room, this machine is ideal for big dogs and boutique parents.

3. Though it looks like a European delivery car, the $19,000 Ford Transit Connect, is the dog-mobile for the pragmatic pet-owners. The interior is spacious, and with its side sliding doors and rear gate, accessibility is a breeze.

4. The $25,000 Subaru Forester is another not-quite-SUV/not-quite-coupe car that is perfect for dog owners with pets who like their own space. A well-equipped Forester can get up to 31mpg.

5. The urbane cosmopolite with a small or medium-sized dog will delight in the $25,000 Mazda 3 Grand Touring hatchback. This is a compact-style car with plenty of space for the dog, the driver, and everyone else.

6. Minivans aren’t always the most head-turning vehicles, but they do what they need to do, and the $22,000 Kia Sedona is no exception. It’s big, it’s easily accessible, and leaves plenty of room for everyone.

7. Known best for its innovative shape, the Scion xB is a smaller and more affordable version of the Element. Costing no more than around $17,000 and getting 28mpg on the highway, the Scion is perfect for the pet owner on a budget.

8. Another car for the progressive city-dweller, the Smart ForTwo is cheap (around $11,000), small, and extremely fuel-efficient. It’s extremely compact, but for small dogs, it’s perfect. Smart has plans for a four-door in the near future.

9. A consistent maker of quality cars, Volvo is a winner with pet-owners with its XC60. Starting at around $33,000, it’s not the cheapest car on the list, but it’s spacious, sleek, and European-made.

10. Rounding out the list is the $26,000 Chrysler Town and Country, a minivan with luxury sensibility. Your pet will appreciate all of the leg-room.

When buying a new car don’t forget to take all of the technical and financial considerations (including auto insurance), it’s important to remember what everyone else wants. What are some other things you and your pet might appreciate in a new car?

Thanks Julee! I want a new car after looking at all these beauties. I am a Honda gal myself and my crew loves that Element! But that darling Smart Car, with its most important message, tugs at me too. In fact, I'd love to own any of these cars. With six dogs I need some room!

Look for more posts from Julee soon!

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