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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Ton Of Pea Gravel And A Vintage Corvette

A perfect spring day today. The Reverend came over to help me with my new patio. I can't seem to get grass to grow and with six dogs flying across the yard chasing one another I know grass may be a thing of the past for me. I've already built a small deck to cover part of the bare ground and above ground tree roots. But the area off my huge old cement patio still looked pitiful. Then at Home Depot it came to me. Pea Gravel. Pavers. Stones. I'd make a little gravel patio right off my new deck. The dear Reverend who now looks after my yard is my gardening angel. "I'll get the gravel with my truck and be there Tuesday." Little did I know I would be his helper today. We mapped out the area and covered it with something from the back shed. Roofing paper, maybe. But it will do the trick for now. Then I ran back to Home Depot to buy some edging pavers and the Rev started to unload half a ton of gravel. I got back home and looked at the pea gravel and thought, not enough. So the Rev went back and got another half ton. While he was gone I went all about the yard finding large old stones and the left over cement chunks from the foundation work I had done in the fall.  I lugged stones and cement chunks all day. Haven't felt this well in weeks. Sun, sweat and a job well done is better than a date on Saturday night. And those words coming from these lips mean something! We stopped at five and the Rev was sweeping the excess stone off my driveway. He kept looking at my corvette under its car cover. I am so embarrassed to say I have not driven it in six months. But it needs some work, headlights need adjusting and I haven't had time to get it to the shop.
"Let's see if it cranks." The Rev was excited. It needed to be done and I was in denial. I just couldn't face it not starting. "Come on, I'll help if it won't start." He kept looking at the car cover and at me. Why not! I ran got the keys, yanked off the car cover and there it was. My beautiful '79 Corvette Stingray. The sunlight bouncing off its sleek hood blinding me with its brilliance. I opened the door and slipped into the low riding front seat. Oh my, it felt good. I put the key in and pumped the gas pedal twice. It reved up, but didn't turn over. "Try again," the Rev encouraged me. "Hit the pedal twice again, slowly, then turn the key." I held my breath and did as he said. The car roared and the sound made my heart race. I just sat in the seat and smiled. This week it goes to the shop.
I let the dogs out in the yard after the Reverend left. They ran through my new pea gravel patio like it was sand at the beach. Then they raced out into the yard, running circles around each other, joyous to be in the weather. Their barking could be heard throughout the neighborhood I am sure.
I sighed and smiled. A perfect day.
Widow Lesson Learned: Listening to dogs bark on a lovely spring day is almost as much fun as listening to the motor hum on a vintage corvette.

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