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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Blue Door

The first of the year found me sitting on the couch wondering, what should I do? It was midnight and I was thinking of the next day. I had plenty to do, writing, house cleaning, catching up on things, but nothing appealed to me. I wanted to open my front door and walk out to a fun, exciting, new adventure.
Something different to inspire me. My butt was planted on the couch, my feet twitching, my brain thinking. I kept looking at my front door, looming ominously at me. A dark brown hollow core door that kept me trapped inside. I looked at the door and thought it was so dull how could an adventure lurk on the other side. I wanted a portal to take me to a magic place. Then it came to me. Paint the door. I was so excited at the very thought, I jumped up, ran to my studio to grab my paints and came back with a huge tube of robins egg blue acrylic paint I had gotten at the thrift store for 49 cents. Brush in hand and a little music playing to inspire me (I find Marvin Gaye gets me groovin') I whipped out my brushes and got to work. Twenty minutes later I stood back in awe. I hugged myself in glee and did a dance. Now there was a door that when opened would bring all the magic of the day to you. A door worthy of flinging open, stepping out into the day and discovering what the universe had in mind for me.
I never stop on my creative projects for the blue door needed something fun on it. So I gathered things I thought I might sell at my antique booth and started hammering away. I filled the door with fantasy. Perhaps that is me sitting on the metal gate of roses with my fairy wand. Queen of my domain. Small paintings with flowers and bugs and a metal lady greeting welcome. Not welcoming guests inside my house, but welcoming me outside to greet the day. By 2am I went to bed satisfied with my evening's work.
I love my blue door. It makes me laugh. It makes me feel silly. It makes me hopeful. No matter what troubles may befuddle my mind, one look at my door tells me all I have to do is open it and step out into a world full of wonder.
I am almost over my cold today. The sun is shining brightly. I opened my blue door and reached out to let down the top of the metal storm door. The air is brisk and I inhale it deeply. My heart expands as I drink in all the fresh air. I've fed the dogs, am sipping my coffee, but for lunch I am heading out to treat myself to the day. My blue door, open, beckoning me, delighting me with the thought an adventure is to be had.

Widow Lesson Learned: A bit of color to an old door can remind you of all the color that awaits on the other side.


Connie said...

Your blue door is awesome! Fun to look at and inviting enough to want to walk through to the adventures on the other side. :)
Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Micki said...

I love what you did with your blue door.