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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rescue Dogs And Things That Go Bump In The Night

Oh my.  Met this little pup at Pet Smart Saturday.  Someone dumped her and her sister on the side of the road and my friend State Trooper Peggy who has a non profit dog rescue shelter tried to tempt me to take this sweetie home.  Just a pup, part Cattle dog and just as lovely as any dog could be.  Took all my willpower to leave the pup and head home to six howling hounds waiting for dinner.  Would another dog upset the applecart? After two months the six dogs have developed their routine. Four were doing fine, then two dogs, Rascal and April In Paris came in for New Year's Eve. Talk about a rock and roll first part of 2010. Dogs butt sniffing and getting to know each other! Finally, about three weeks ago peace came to the household and all the dogs bonded. They have their strangeness about them, Bray the chair eater and April In Paris who is so timid she falls down when you look at her. But the dogs kiss each other and play together.  What would a new pup do to a household that is bursting at the seams with dogs already?  Common sense prevailed, for now.  I never know what I may do. But if you want to give this pup a home, let me know and State Trooper Peggy will contact you!
Living with six dogs you have to be quick on your feet. Twice this week I've tripped trying to move forward when a dog cut in front of me. "Help me, I've fallen and I can't get up." I think I may have to chain my cell around my neck in case of an emergency! Last week Rascal ran in front of me right as I headed from the living room to kitchen. Kaplunk! Down on my knee, which is still a little blue. But no harm done and I didn't land on the dog flattening her! Tonight, I went to reach for April In Paris and Bray ran in front of me. I fell on my tail bone and bonked my head on the edge of a table. I didn't see stars so that is a good thing. And I can sit on my tail bone, another very good thing indeedy. But this week has made me realize that I need to stay more alert or else I may be run over by the pack. It is hard to be mad when you are flat out on the floor and dogs are covering you in kisses. But my aching bones. Reminds me of a that song by Incubus "Love Hurts".
   Love Hurts
   But Sometimes It's A Good Hurt
   And It Feels Like I'm Alive
Happy to report I am alive and love is grand with the dogs. Just them bones that hurt!
Widow Lesson Learned: You must stand tall on two feet when surrounded by four feet times six.

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ooglebloops said...

Another lesson learned here- hold the handrail while going down the stairs - or train them all to sit, and WAIT- till you get to the bottom!!!!LOL