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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Finally a date for Saturday night. My high school mentality that says Saturday is the only date night of the week was cheering "YES" as I did a little jig. And, almost Valentines Day too. Cool. The heavens were smiling on me. But while the heavens were smiling, the sky had other plans. It unloaded snowflakes all over the city. Beautiful snowflakes, large and white, sparkling as they spun through the air covering the ground with a thick magical white cloak. It was magic alright, for my date turned from a prince charming into flake. Not a big snowflake, but the kind that cancels a date. "Don't think I should drive in this weather." We are trying again next weekend, but I am checking with the weather channel before I put on my lip gloss. While it was bad weather for dates, it was a glorious day for dogs. Dogs that pranced through a white yard digging in deep with their noses and flicking snow up in the air as their snoots shot up for a breather. Five dogs running, barking and knowing Mother Nature sent them a special valentine with the cold wet snow. Little Chloe sat on the chaise in the sunroom watching out the window. She took one look at the ground and marched back in the kitchen door. She gave me one of those looks that said, are you crazy? I'm not going out there. Maybe she and my date should hook up!
A reminder on ONE WORLD ONE HEART, drawing is Feb. 15 at 6pm est. Please leave a comment on my Feb 7th entry (the first entry that day, I have two) to enter my giveaway. I will use the random number generator to pick my winner. I hope to visit with some of you afterwards.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I will be deep in kisses. One is never without kisses with six dogs close by! Hope your day is full of love and friendship. You have filled my heart with friendship with all your lovely notes.

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