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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Sick Day, I've Got A Bug

That's the woman looking out to sea vintage painting over my bed. I got to see it most of the day. Sick. I've gotten a bug. So I can pamper myself, which can be fun, except for the feeling like crap part. But most of the day found me under my quilt - surrounded by dogs. I can look across the room and see my favorite painting reflected in the mirror. This painting makes me so serene. It keeps my mind occupied too. Painted in the 1960's by an art teacher in Georgia, I wonder what was on his mind when he painted her. My mind questions her all the time. Is she waiting for her man who is out fishing or is she a widow like me, just looking out to sea comtemplating her future? Maybe she's written a book and is waiting to see if the mail will bring an offer from a publishing company? I love to play with her in my mind! It is one big painting and I won her on Ebay. Right after my husband died I went on my jag to decorate my way. A survival method that kept me busy hauling stuff from the house to my antique booth and gave me an excuse to hit my favorite shops. A good distraction when one was badly needed. Now my bedroom is filled with ice cream colored cottage furniture and when the sun comes in the room it looks like a day at the beach. After I finished moving things in and out I stood back and looked at my room, hands on my hips to be sure I gave it a very impartial look over. My god, all I could think, it looks like a teenage girl lives here! My rose paintings on the wall made the room too sweet. So, my answer, the lady, a harsh, stotic woman looking out to the sea. Then the other paintings were changed out for beach paintings. Modern and vintage. Gave the room punch. My husband's best friend came up from Florida to help me with boxing things that needed to go. He and his wife have an elegant home and my way of decorating can give men the willies. We went to the bedroom to hit the closet and box my husband clothes. He smiled at me and asked, what bedroom is this? The master bedroom, I answered. The brief look that crossed his face told me he was horrified. I've changed it out, I explained. I see, he replied. I could tell he was sure it was my decorating that had done my husband in. It is a sissy room, a girly room, full of pinks,blues and greens. A room that says life is fun. When I lay in bed I can let my eye roam and there is always something that makes me smile.
Some folks have said a bedroom needs to be serene, calm, free of clutter. My mind is cluttered thinking of things to do every second, so a serene room would only allow my brain to keep spinning. When I enter my bedroom, my brain switches gears, instead of thinking, it just relaxes and looks at the eye candy. Eye candy that lets me drift off quietly to sleep looking at things I love.
At first I thought no man would want to enter this room because it is so girly. Then I said who cares!  Its not the decorating he will be coming to see. Candles can make a room romantic, so I keep one handy just in case. Now I've filled the house with dogs. Dogs who like to sleep in bed. Simple solution, a bag of bones is now tucked in by the candle. Six big old chew bones. When a man comes down my long hallway to my bed, I'll light a candle, toss six bones down the hall and slam the door quickly. Maybe a blindfold would be in order for the guy walking down that gangplank to pleasure in my room. He could decide if he wanted to take it off or leave it on. Playing pirates can be fun. Widow Lesson Learned: A room full of eye candy can sooth a mind that is spinning all the time.


Arya said...

I love your room, it's beautiful. That's how I would decorate if my hubby would ever let me...I like things light and bright.

I hope you get to feeling better.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Our surroundings have a huge impact on how we are feeling...even when "under the weather"...your room is really bright and colorful & I hope you feel better soon!