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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Facebook Page! Chic Chick Giveaway

 (Chic Chick Giveaway Free Copy Of Book)
I am trying to redefine the impossible every day. Doing things I've never done before, dreaming big and saying "yes I can".  Sometimes I laugh and tell my friends, "I have so many hats and have so many answers I feel like the B/S Queen." But no, I am walking the talk. Somedays its like running and I am flying, and somedays it is like dragging weights on my ankles. But I am always taking steps. That is what I hope you will take away from my book. No matter what happens in your life, you can redefine the impossible and make great things happen. I do it every day. So today, I started my Facebook fan page, please join, it's a lonely blank over there! And I've entered a contest by Chic Chick Media. If I am featured my giveaway is a free copy of my book, which lord willing the creek don't rise, and I feel the need for more edits, will be available the end of March 2010.  The book is mentioned as a giveaway here so I can link to my product for them. But remember, if you go to my website and scroll down to the bottom link that says subscribe to the latest you will be included in a free giveaway of an autographed copy of my book as soon as it is released. 
Widow Lesson Learned: One step leads to another so keep moving forward and you will find great things in your life.

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