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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conversations On Sunday Morning With The Sun

I woke up this morning with the sun teasing me, poking me to get out of bed. Come on, it taunted me, get up. It's early, you went to bed late, you were a little punky, but look, I'm playing in your yard. I stretched and turned my head ever so slightly and all I could see were dogs. Three of them snuggled together taking up most of the rest of the bed. Who was that talking to me? I know I heard a voice. For a moment I smile. I remember when there was a man in bed with me poking gently at me, "come on, get up, breakfast." Now there are just dogs. Three in bed, one on the floor, two on the couch in the living room. Any moment they will jump up and want to go out, then breakfast. The quilt goes back over my head. Soon. In a few minutes, maybe. I am hiding under my quilt. Hey, you in bed. I lift the quilt and look around. No one but the dogs and a room ablaze in sun. Oh my head.I was at a party last night, with old friends of mine. Too much wine for me, the gal who rarely drinks. Laughing and sharing stories of younger days. Talks of nights of too much drinking and waking up in bed wondering how you got there. Then one woman laughed, "at least I always knew who was in bed with me." I toasted to that one. Then thought, hell, I know who will be in bed with me too when I wake up with a little hangover.  Dogs. What sane man would try to sneak into my bed with that crew refusing to move?
April comes running in (I have given her a nickname, longer than her real name, April In Paris. It makes her feel glamorous). She is the tall one standing on the floor and can lick my nose while I sleep. "Goodmorning, Miss April In Paris," I reach my arm over to her and toss my quilt to the side. She is all wiggles and ready to head out to the yard. Suddenly they are all up. Yapping, hitting the floor as they race towards the kitchen door. I grab my jeans, jump into them and dash behind the pack. "Out!" I've managed to reach the door ahead of them. I open it and the dogs whoosh by me, barking loudly, rejoicing in the moment. The sun coming through my tall pines leaves a toile like pattern on my dirt patch lawn. I grab my fresh cup of coffee and head to the deck. My wonderful vintage chippy black painted iron rocker from the thrift store ( a deal at $9.99) beckons me. I plop down careful not to spill my coffee. I am in the moment loving it. The sun is warm on my face and I can feel it moving down my legs, warming every inch of me on its journey.
Even with my eyes closed I know where the dogs are. Each has its favorite spot in the yard. I can hear the sounds of them crunching through the old dead branches and vines that soon will become a bounty of color with spring.
It is a glorious day. I am happy. It will be cold and rainy soon, but today is the stuff dreams are made of. And I almost missed it. Hiding under a quilt. I look up at the sky, thank you sun for your wake up call. I am talking to the air, as I do on many occasions since I am living only with the company of dogs. I speed dial my thoughts to Mother Nature. Can you arrange another date here? I'd like to see Mr. Sun tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers I have better luck with Mother Nature and second dates than I have with the online dating services.

Miss April In Paris with Rascal in the sunroom resting on the antique wicker chaise after their morning outing. See the sun leaving bright little spots on their bodies?  Oh joy.
Widow lesson learned: If you hide under a quilt you will miss the sun in your life.

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pam said...

I've been hiding under the comfort of my quilt most the day. Thanks for waking me up before it's gone!