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Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Award From Psychology Degree Online Schools

Dogs Are The Sunshine Of My Life

I went through my e-mails deleting old messages and realized I had missed this particular one. My blog was awarded a badge as an essential resource for widows by Psychology Degree, an online web that helps people decide on careers in psychology. I was added to their list of blogs for widows/widowers.

I then came back and looked at my blog and had to smile. So many dog faces staring back at me! But then love is a great healing tool and dogs give unconditional love. I have that times six with my silly pack of hounds.

I do have an odd little blog on being a widow. But I think that my love of dogs, my heart open to life around me and my faith to move forward is certainly sprawled all over these posts. The same energy can be found in my book, The Unfaithful Widow! You can check it out on my web

Thank you, Psychology Degree for including me. Maybe someone will link to my blog that needs a warm hug and a sweet kiss and will be inspired to go to their local shelter to adopt a dog. As much as we are lost when a loved one is gone, there are lost dogs that can help mend a broken heart.

I am honored to be included in your list! Thank you!


katlupe said...

Congratulations on your award! I love your photo with the Vette and the dogs! Merry Christmas!

Confessions Of The Unfaithful Widow said...

Thanks for stopping by! You have a Merry Christmas too! I'll be snuggly warm with the dogs. Barbara

Becky said...

Congratulations on your award! I will send some of my clients your way to share ... yes, the love of a dog is amazingly beautiful and healing in so many ways.