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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Photo With Santa!

My friend Peggy at PetSmart in Buckhead where Snap-2IT was taking photos with Santa. Peggy is very special as she has a non-profit shelter for dogs in Monticello, Georgia, Atlanta Canine Adoption Project.

My last two dogs came from Peggy on New Year's Eve and the following week.

Silly Rascal was my New Year's Date. Peggy delivered her to my doorstep on New Year's Eve Day. Then a week later I adopted Miss April In Paris. The two gals love to kiss on each other since they have been able to stay together!

Merry Christmas Peggy! Keep up the good work! Just remember, my house is full.

I think I'll forward this link to her now! A snuggly dog makes a great date for New Year's Eve. I always say better to kiss a dog than a dog of a date!

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