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Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Official - A Torn Rotator Cuff, Surgery and A New Web

The words I was hoping not to hear. "Well, my dear, it's completely torn."

I looked at the doctor who was very pleasing to look at and batted my eyes. "What does that mean?" I knew what it meant, surgery.

"Going to have surgery, next Monday and then maybe eight weeks in a sling."


"Have to tack it down all the way across."

You know you are a female when the biggest worry is hair. As in how will I do my hair?

It is my left arm which is good news. I can dress, do everything, slowly, even wash my hair in the shower and blow dry it. Then from there I just sit looking in the mirror. How do you style hair with one hand?

I am into plastic headbands from CVS at the moment. My new look, tosseled and pinned down with plastic. My fashion statement.

"You look younger," My good friend tried to make me feel better over dinner the other night. "Straight hair makes you look younger." She was on her second glass of wine. I was eating apple pie.

"And, hey," she waved her glass in the air to flag our waiter, "with that band around your chest holding the sling, you don't have to wear a bra."

I looked at my pie and when the waiter came to our table I ordered vanilla ice cream on the side.

I've written about my fall on The Red Room in glorious details. The truth on how I slipped revealed.

Then I wrote on the USA a blurb on what I was reading these days.  You got it, pitched The Unfaithful Widow for sale on Amazon. I have been writing on many sites under the name writerwithdogs. I got a response back saying, "I wish I'd thought of that name."

I googled it and sure enough my writing under that name is everywhere. So I went and bought the domain and now have a new web page.

A new book is in the works, Covered in Fur, which will be dogs stories, both real and fiction. Haven't figured it out yet, but with my trusty laptop I can mend after surgery sitting on my sofa, dogs by me feet, organizing my writing and sipping LaCroix sparkling water, since I am off caffine now for the surgery. Once weaned I like this better than my sodium and caffine filled sodas.

A bad hair day and a sparkling water. Almost has an aura to it.

Come visit my new web Writer With Dogs and see the fun I'm going to have while my shoulder mends.

I am putting together a media kit for The Unfaithful Widow and if you check my web there you can see it all. Even listen to my podcast on Nia Promotions. 

So busy at work is the best way for me to forget I've got surgery coming up. This could be just the ticket to get me writing again. Have been promoting like crazy and miss my little essays.

You will hear from me next after Monday when I tell you how this all works out.

Widow Lesson Learned: When life gives you lemons, write a book.


Sherri said...

I'm thinking that the hair-doing would be MY biggest worry too! After all, you can type pretty well without raising an arm. We can all be pretty creative when we need to be.

Sorry about the surgery. My mom had it several years ago, and she healed beautifully.

Becky said...

Best wishes with your surgery. Love your blog and off to purchase a copy of your book.