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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Post Surgery Week 2 Dancing To Usher's OMG

OMG. Let's dance with

Want a way to get your feet moving, rockin and getting ready to dance through the day? Listen to Usher's OMG. First heard it driving to the gym when I started my workout a few months ago and can't get that song out of my brain. Don't ask me about Usher, but ask me about that song my smile gets big, my right arm does a little hip hop move and my feet start keeping the beat. ENERGY up!
Just crawled out of bed, put on my music, gotta take my arm from sling for some elbow exercises. Sure hope I don't get to excited and throw the wrong arm up in the air! But you know how it is when you're feeling it!
Thanks Usher for my favorite wake up call.
Widow lesson learned (this lesson I always knew): Dance like you're a rock star and it will make your day rock.

1 comment:

Eliza said...

OMG just looking at Usher, let alone listening to him *grin*