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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wearing Words - Jewelry That Speaks To Me

I love words. I love to see them on everything. . . especially jewelry. On days when my confidence is low it is especially helpful to wear something that boosts my morale, makes me feel secure, gives me hope I am not a blithering idiot with dreams that are too big for my life.

Writing is a release for me, allows me put life into perspective as I jot down my own personal stories under the title memoir author. Sometimes I worry I tell too much. (Example My Hysterical Hysterectomy on my Sparkle blog where I talk about my upcoming surgery, not from a medical standpoint, but how to recover with six dogs underfoot. ) The Unfaithful Widow started me on sharing my experiences with others. It was the therapy I needed to get on with my life as I wrote about bad dates, adopting dogs, finding my place again.  I found a bracelet that kept me moving and wore it faithfully as I went about recreating myself. A white hard plastic bangle with the words Redefine The Impossible in black letters across it. That bracelet was my security. I'd touch it, twirl it, read it, and find the way to move forward.

Dream. Believe. I needed more words to wear for what came next. I decided to write a novel. My first attempt at fiction. It scared me more than any personal story I shared over the last years.  My confidence left me as I sat at the computer at night. What if the words don't come? What if they do, and they are horrible? Between bouts of writing at those late hours when most of the world is sleeping, I took my break by looking at jewelry on Etsy and found my inspiration to keep plugging away at my book. She believed she could so she did. And I did. Danger In Her Words was released in February.

Inspiration words - our own, from friends, on jewelry, or the written word. Cheaper than therapy - if we open our hearts to the possibilities around us. If it takes a piece of jewelry to remind me of that, bring on my Visa and I'll shop til I drop.

Some jewelry I own purchased from Etsy dealers and designers! How can anyone be discouraged wearing any of these pieces!



And the most important of all words to guide you...



My Vintage Heart said...

Love it, Barbara! and as a bonus it's much easier to carry with you to inspire you than a fabulous chippy cupboard!

injaynesworld said...

I have a bracelet that says, "Gratitude," and recently saw a necklace that says "Manifest" that I plan on manifesting around my neck in the near future. I'm so with you on this.

Barbara said...

Jayne - love the 'gratitude' bracelet...a wonderful reminder to appreciate everything we are blessed with.