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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Everybody's Talking About Sisterhood - (Giveaway And A Bit Of Bling)

A wonderful book, a bit of bling, and girlfriends. Does it get any better?
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Join in the discussion of sisterhood and leave a comment below on 'sisters' in your life. On Friday I will do a random selection of a winner to receive the lovely one-of-a-kind rhinestone earrings pictured above and at the end of this post. They were made by my friend Angela and came from her Etsy shop. Winner will be announced here Friday afternoon. This is a giveaway on my blog. There are many others. Go to The Muffin  (Women On Writing) (click here) and read other bloggers comments and other giveaways.

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I was thrilled to be invited to  the party to celebrate sisterhood and the release of Therese Walsh's new book, The Moon Sisters. I started to think about the women I am friends with and how much more than friends they are to me, they are family.

Sisterhood. The word makes me smile. My own little group of friends have helped me see the light in the darkest hours. Members of my 'hood' include my sister, my mother, and my girlfriends, both the new friends I've recently met, and my group of antique dealer buddies that go back as far as I can remember.

My sister and mother live in Florida. I am a widow. I don't have kids. Well, stop that. Sounds like a pity party! I do have six fur kids - six rescue dogs! The point of saying the above, is that I don't have family within a few hours of me who can show up if I need help. What I have is my wonderful friends, my family of gal pals. Each different, each surprising me in different ways. I hate to ask for help, but girlfriends know when to step in.

It was that band of merry antique dealers that helped me get back on my feet after my husband died. They refused to let me sit alone. As long as we'd known each other, we did our antiquing during the day, but were home with our spouses at night. These were my girlfriends - not couple friends with our husbands. The first year on my own, that loomed to be the worst year ever, took on a bit of magic under the care of my friends who would not let me sit alone. I wrote about that year in my book, The Unfaithful Widow.

Two weeks ago I had a hysterectomy for preventative reasons, my hysterical hysterectomy as I liked to call it. How does one cope with surgery and six dogs?  My life-style was about to change dramatically. How would I take care of my dogs? In fact, how would I take care of myself? While I am known to write about personal things, asking for help is the hardest thing for me to do.  I am usually the one in charge. I don't like to impose on friends. I'd forgotten that girlfriends don't let you sit alone. While I did hire a pet-sitter to come take care of the hounds, my girlfriends have brought me food, helped me with daily tasks - laundry, cleaning house.

A best friend, a sister, a group of wild antique ladies, a mother who still worries about me even though I am getting old (wink, wink - you figure the math!), I am lucky with friendships. We each have our own lives, but are there for each other when trouble brews.  Isn't that what family should be about? Hug your 'sisters' and keep them close.

Meet the author:

Visit Therese Walsh's website. 
In The Moon Sisters, her second novel, Therese Walsh wanted to write about one sister’s quest to find will-o’-the-wisp light, which was her mother’s unfulfilled dream. Also called “foolish fires”, these lights are sometimes seen over wetlands and are thought to lead those who follow them to treasure. Despite the promise, they are never captured and sometimes lead to injury or even death for adventurers who follow them. The metaphor of that fire – that some dreams and goals are impossible to reach, and that hope itself may not be innately good – eventually rooted its way into deeper meaning as the Moon sisters tried to come to terms with real-world dreams and hopes, and with each other, in their strange new world.
Olivia and Jazz Moon are polar opposites: one a dreamy synesthete, able to see sounds and smell sights and the other controlling and reality driven. What will happen when they are plunged into 24/7 togetherness and control is not an option? Will they ever be able to see the world through the other’s eyes and confront the things they fear the most? Death. Suicide. The loss of faith and hope. Will they ultimately believe that life is worth living, despite the lack of promise? 
The writing of The Moon Sisters was a five year journey and at times author Therese Walsh felt like it was her own “foolish fire”. But remember, some fires are worth the chase!

My giveaway on this blog only.

Remember to leave a comment below on the 'sisters' in your life and you may win these beautiful earrings made by my friend Angela. Random drawing on Friday. Every sister needs a bit of bling!


Jamie Salisbury said...

Ah - the "sisters" in my life. Few, not nearly enough it seems. The bestie lives out of town, though not that far. We constantly text and stuff. . .helping each other thru life's little crisis. Being divorced people shun you (when you're an older divorcee)so I cherish our craziness.

My Vintage Heart said...

"Sisters before Misters" they say! I'm like you in that asking for help is a hard thing, and I tend to be one who thinks I just need to do everything on my own. I love to get the reminders that your "sisters" always are on your side and have your back, not because they have to...but because they want to!

Anonymous said...

A good reminder that "family" is often who we choose to include and "sisters" are everywhere!

p.s. Kiss the furry ones for me:)

Anonymous said...

Would be lost without my "sisters" each one keeps me grounded.

Some Day is Right Now said...

I have to agree with everything the previous commenters said.

I'd also like to add the sisters who have been lost to us much too soon....they live in our hearts forever.


Cozycomfycouch said...

Without the sisters in my life I would not be where I am today or as strong. This is a lovely giveaway!

Therese Walsh said...

Barbara, I hope you're recovering well from your surgery. I know it takes a while! I'm glad you have some sisters to help you out.

Thank you for being a part of Everybody's Talking About Sisterhood. I appreciate your time and your post. (And what a beautiful giveaway you put together here; I hope the winner adores those beautiful earrings.) I hope you have the chance to read The Moon Sisters at some point, and that if you do -- and if you enjoy it -- you'll share the book with a sister.

Barbara said...

Therese Walsh - it was so much fun to participate in your celebration. Looking forward to reading your book.