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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Farewell To My Dear Foxy

An Aging Dog was my post on April 11, 2011 on Lifetime Televisions' blog for The Balancing Act. My dear Foxy was the subject of that post, and how I worried about her days coming to an end. Good for Foxy, she lasted another few weeks. But on May 5th I had to make the hardest decision ever, to let Foxy leave this world for a better place. Her body was just giving out on her. My post An Aging Dog was a hopeful one, for I did not have to make that decision in April. I had the extra time to pamper Foxy and tell her how much I loved her. Five other dogs watched with envy that she got chicken in her kibble and they didn't. Five dogs, five pretty smart dogs, now know why and say, "no thanks" to chicken! I was blessed I had Foxy fifteen years. She was the dog that came to my husband and me when our big dog Boy died. She made us smile again. She is the dog that stayed by my side when my husband died. She watched Jake my other dog, leave us nine months later. Then she watched, not always so gleefully, five new rescue dogs come into our house. Five dogs who respected Foxy, because she was the leader of our pack. She was graceful, elegant, and a very good sport. I am sharing a repeat of some of her early photos when I sold on Ebay and put photos of Foxy in vintage hats on my auctions to grab that extra attention. I will always miss Foxy, as I miss my husband. Lucky for me I have five dogs that make me laugh and would not let me be sad for long.

I call myself Writer With Dogs on many blogs. A writer with six dogs, now a writer with five. I have trouble with the math when the dogs come in. I still have to count to be sure they all are there, but the total still confuses me as I know one is missing, but where all good dogs go at the end of their days.

Will I get another? My pack is pretty close and they are a united front. That is the only reason I may hold off on adding another. If I didn't have my five, you can bet I'd be out looking for a new dog in a heart beat.

Many people have said they can't go through the pain of loss again. I look at it as the joy of love, and I'll go through that on any day of the week!

To my dear Foxy, who opened her heart to take in five dogs that annoyed her most days, but loved being the center of all that attention.

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