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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dancing Merengue Dog! Move Over Usher, I'm In Love

Just when I thought Usher had all the moves I like in dancing, a book publishing/writer friend, Michael Marcus (his blog Book Making) sent me this YouTube video on the Dancing Merengue Dog. If you haven't seen it yet, you gotta watch this. ( Direct Link to it in case you want to share with your friends!). Or watch it below.

I love this dog, but I love a man who can teach a dog to dance like this. Where are you, Oh So Mr. Right? (I'm stealing that phrase from my friend Eliza from Silver & Grace who uses that one for her man!)

The most enchanting few moments you'll watch. I can never go back to Dancing With The Stars, not when I've seen the Dancing Merengue Dog!

Widow Lesson Learned: OMG, Dancing Merengue Dog. Never to late to teach an old dog new tricks. I'm putting on my dancing shoes!


gpc said...

wow, what a long time for a dog to be on its hind legs. it is amazing, I just hope the dog is as happy as it looks and that it is treated well. there is a side of me that can't help but worry about hip problems from all that unnatural action though. I am such a spoil sport!

Michael N. Marcus said...

Until I saw Carrie dance, I was impressed that my own Golden Retriever would kiss on command, and occassionally even obey commands like "NO," "WAIT," "MOVE," "TURN AROUND" and "STOP."

He always responds to "cookie," "cheese" and "chicken," but merengue--no way, Jose.