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Friday, August 13, 2010

Lately I've Been Thinking About Shoes

Or This?

I've been watching more TV than usual since my rotator cuff surgery. I lean back on the sofa, my big black sling rising like a phoenix from my side, a can of soda within reach, my little Chloe curled on my lap, five other dogs stretched over chairs and my feet propped up on a foot stool. I look at my feet and there are my cozy black canvas Mary Jane shoes tapping against each other.

I am bored watching yet another show. But I am resting my shoulder, arm and back since I have actually been out shopping and am in some discomfort from all the movement earlier in the day. I am not on pain meds, which may be why the current show I am watching is painful.

I am on the E network, where yet another young star is prancing down the red carpet in tall heels. You know those sexy, spike heels that are called *whoops* F/ME shoes. I haven't worn heels of any height in 15 years. Day after day they parade by in shoes that are so high I tremble they may trip and fall. How does anyone balance on those spikes?

I am watching the TV over my own pitiful, flat, comfy Mary Janes that are propped up on a footstool directly in my vision as I am slumped down on the couch. (Note: since slipping in the kitchen in my bare feet I  wear shoes at all times).

Now, not only my sling is making me feel sexless, I am worried my favorite shoes are dated or, perhaps, just leaving me dateless.

I love Mary Janes. That is all I wear most all the time. Canvas for casual, black for business, and silver for evening. I do wear flat ankle boots in winter. But still no heels.

Is there a man alive who will consider me hot in my Mary Janes? Then I think, is there a man alive who could make me want to wear heels? My answer, no. That may be why I sit at home with six dogs.

I think style can be expressed in many ways. Mine is casual, funky, a little cowgirl in the winter. I am never as cute dressed in my clothes as I feel. But it is how I feel that I like when I am dressed in things I love.

I shop at thrift stores and buy designer coats for $10. Perfect. I find long skirts, frilly T's, and vintage hip length jackets to wear over jeans for dress up. I bought a Coach bag for $16.

I love to layer jewelry, both vintage and newly made artist pieces. I am eagerly awaiting my Silver And Grace necklace from Eliza's Fire Collection called Heartbeat. A red gem that will accent layers of chunky turquoise necklaces.

No one will care what I wear that day, my jewelry will bedazzle them. My flat Mary Janes will keep me grounded under the weight of my jewelry. Bet I would topple over in spike heels and, well, tear my other rotator cuff. So Mary Janes seem appropriate yet again.

Another plus, not related to fashion -  I don't mind short men.

I do have a fantasy. I am in a flirty skirt, my legs are flawless, my heels shameless and men are dropping like flies when I walk pass them on the street. I step over each man carefully so I won't accidently pierce him with my spikes.

I think this reoccurring dream comes from a song I love by Kristy MacColl, In These Shoes. It was the song in the end credits for the movie Kinky Boots.

Widow Lesson Learned: It is better to walk tall in flats than to fall flat on your face trying to be something you are not.


Colleen said...

I love it! I so agree, kick off those designer heels and be comfortable in your MaryJanes! Isn't it great getting older and not having to impress anyone.

Plays with Paints said...

I Totally agree. I sometimes get the notion to buy stilettos. Come to find out they are collecting dust in my closet. Ballerina shoes are so "in" and there are wonderful and "fun" flats on the market. I decided to buy really colorful, bling enhanced and unusual leathers. Since I am doing that everybody asks"where did you get these shoes"? These flats have become my jewelry, after all if Audrey Hepburn was jeweled with flats so can I. You go Girl!!!

Antique ART Garden said...

Hey Barb, sorry about your surgery, hope the recuperation time gets easier. I don't know about men dating someone in Mary Janes, probably so...but having 6 dogs would possibly be a problem for a man or woman in dating relationship. That number is way over what most people have, or are used to ( living in a city). I know how much they mean to you, how much comfort they bring to you that is just my 2 cents worth. Hope you are doing ok, be careful and take care, Gina

The Redhead Riter said...

I have the same Mary Janes LOL

Denise Gabbard said...

I HAD the same little black Skechers, until we got our yellow lab, Max, when he was ten weeks old. This was about two years ago, and he has since chewed the straps off of my favorite little strippy Softwalk sandals, chewed the heel of the most perfect pair of black leather heeled loafers, and eaten I cannot tell you how many bra straps and pairs of underwear..... of course, he has finally gotten me "trained" and now I hide all of my prized possessions.

Kat from California said...

I can't even wear 2 inch heals for long. I have fibromyalgia and I'm often off balance. I've had many jobs where I had to stand all day so I rarely wear heels.

The other day, my daughter and I were looking at shoes in Payless. I tried on some wedges that were about 6 inches high. I was able to stand in them but I felt so tall I thought my nose would bleed lol.

My daughter looked at me all woried. She knows how clumsy I am. lol

I'll stick with my flats too!!

As far as sexy's what is in between our ears.

Confessions Of The Unfaithful Widow said...

Kat - love your comments. Sexy is what is between our ears - our minds!

I am sticking to my Mary Janes and then I can still date short men, not fall on my face, and smile brightly because I am not in pain!

A guy who wants me in high heels is just not the guy for me.

Thanks to all you gals with your Mary Janes for some great comments! Barbara

katlupe said...

I wear sandals in the house and rubber shoes outside, as I hate my feet wet. When I leave the house I wear sneakers, and got a pair of slip on Talbots that are so comfortable. I actually have two pairs in different colors that I wear for when I have to dress nice. No way would I worry about how my shoes look compared to comfortable.

kathryn said...

Oh dear, I've been seen wearing 3 inch church! But nothing beats Nikes and a t-shirt. Love your blog. Visiting from SITS at BlogFrog.

Helen Hanson said...

I still like heels on rare occasions. Grocery shopping is not a rare occasion. All the best with your book. I write thrillers and am finishing my second.
I've been in puppy love since we got our dog, Maela, from the shelter last New Years. Here’s a photo, but you need to scroll to the bottom.
I'm not trying to get you to read the blog--this site is in upheaval--but I think you'll appreciate the before/after photos -- shelter photo v.s. the now-I-have-a-pack photo. She slept for two days after we got her home. She was so stressed. I couldn't imagine paying for an animal . . .
I saw your post over at SITS. All the best!