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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Unfaithful Widow Book Trailer On You Tube

Check Out My Book Trailer On YouTube
I have the most wonderful literary agent in the world! Finding him has been my own little miracle. You know, I am learning as I go. This is hard work to do by yourself, MARKETING a book. And I thought dating was impossible. My literay agent is my new favorite person next to all of you I love. But he is rapidly gaining in my ranks of special people.
I opened my e-mail today and there was a link to a book trailer on YouTube . Click and check it out. John has had my book for two days and I am on YouTube. Cool. I am so happy I don't care I have no date this weekend! I am silly with happiness.
Turn on your speakers and check it out. Music is perfect. He read my book and got it. Thanks John!
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