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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My sister in Florida sent me these photos of a lost dog who landed in the right spot. Temporarily. Matty needs a home. See how pretty Matty looks? Check out the before photo of this little tyke and Pam's words on his hair cut.
"He's been to the beauty parlor! His fur was so matted it came off in one piece! Turns out he's fixed and has a chip, but the chip is not registered."
Matty was found in Georgia by Tom, my sis and her hubbys good friend. Tom is taking care of Matty's medical costs but someone lovely needs to make a home for this cutie pie.
My six stared me down when I showed them Matty's photo. I think they said this inn was full. What about yours? Matty is currently in the Inverness Florida area.



Oh No-o-o-o-o!

The pelt

What a good doggie.
Photos Pam King Photography
Widow Lesson Learned: There are bad hair days and then there are really bad hair days. But there is never a bad day to share love.


Audrey said...

Wonderful pictures. Cute dog. I wish I could give him a home, but I'm too old to have to walk any animal. I hope he finds a home soon.

gpc said...

Wow, that pelt photo speaks volumes! So glad Matty got de-matted! I hope his owners see your blog - they cared enough to put in the chip, so sad they didn't follow through.

trooppetrie said...

that almost looks like our dog. we opened our door one day to find a poodle/terrier mix. we have had him 6 years and he is the best. my kids play dress up with him. we moved in Feb from AL to NC and a week later our cat of 16 years died. a friend gave us a stray. I took her in to be fixed and de clawed and was told we are having kittens. now we have 4 little kittens walking around. the vet said keep them until they are at least 12 weeks. they have already gone in for there first worming. any suggestions on how to find them homes