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Thursday, February 6, 2014

For The Love Of Dogs "Give Cancer The Paw" Blog Hop

How many dogs can you see in this photo?
Yes, that is my bed. I sleep with dogs. Six to be exact. Sharing my love of rescue dogs seems appropriate today as I join  the "Give Cancer The Paw" Blog Hop. First about the hop and then a little about my dogs!
Dogs were the subject of Julie Valerie's Post  “We’re Talking Dog Books on Change A Pet’s Life Day!” a few weeks back. In that post, she featured three authors and four novels where dogs played a prominent role in the story. I was honored my book, The Unfaithful Widow, was included along with two great books by author Jackie Bouchard and another wonderful author Karen E. Martin. My widow memoir is full of the dogs that rescued me.
Today starts the "Give Cancer The Paw" Blog Hop, which is also mentioned in Julie's post above. Link to it for more details.
For all my dog loving friends and rescue groups - you can join the hop too. Blog about whatever you want - a tribute post, research info, tips on fighting cancer, etc. Author Jackie Bouchard is posting about Morris Animal Foundation and ways to help out with their canine research. If you want to join the blog hop as a blogger, or simply want to hop along the websites as a participant, check Jackie Bouchard's blog beginning today, February 6th, to get all the information you need.
2014 dates for this event: Feb 6, May 6, Aug 6, Nov 6.
The Give Cancer the Paw Blog Hop is co-hosted by Jackie and Peggy's Pet Place.
Check below to link to other posts in the hop!

Meet the pack in my bed: Chloe (7 pound Chi), Bray (black Afghan mix), Miss April In Paris (hunting dog, brown head, liver spotted body), Rascal (roly-poly mini-pit), Annabelle (mixed brown cocker/hound) and Bertha Barth (Mixed Basset Hound). The last pooch to land here was Bertha. She has been a hand full. My dogs teach me patience, not with dealing with them, because my love of my dogs forgives many household mistakes, but patience in dealing with others - humans to be specific. Sometimes I think every relationship should  fall in place, and be perfect, at the beginning.  There are bad eggs I agree, but I've learned if I don't jump to the wrong conclusions about someone, patience may bring a delightful surprise.

Most of my dogs came from animal rescue groups, where they were in foster homes, and, while quirky, well adjusted. They came in over a nine month period. They mixed and mingled, kissing on each other. The house was a love fest.

Then Bertha Barth came from Animal Control, several years later, in Spring 2012. She had no history with anyone, came from a group cage, with the most pitiful look a saggy face pooch could have. She had heartworms. In her fight to mix in, she wanted to be Alpha, she nailed a few dogs to the ground (not to hurt them, but to show them she was in charge). She nipped me once. She wanted to be loved but made it hard to love her out of fear she might snap and nip, or worse yet, bite. I called in a dog trainer, who trained me on how to deal with her. Her heartworm treatment was successful. She has finally found her place in the pack after more than a year, and I love her with all my heart. If a dog who wants so desperately to fit in acts badly, perhaps people do the same. Bertha reminds me that all relationships don't start smoothly, but given time and caring, things change and bloom. I hope she has made me less critical of others' actions and given me patience to allow time to sort things out.

Bertha Barth



Sue Kottwitz said...

Lovely post. Thanks for joining the hop!

Ruckus Eskie said...

What a heartwarming story about the relationship growth with a rocky start. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Jackie Bouchard said...

Your pups are all gorgeous! Love that you have a big, happy rescue family and loved hearing about how Bertha Barth (such a cute name!) as learned to fit in.

Thanks for joining the hop!

My Inner Chick said...

OOooo, I want to cuddle on your bed, too, dear B. XXxx