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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dogs And Decorating, partie deux

Tommy Bahama in the living room!
Oh so many changes in the house! Now that I have my shop, I need to have the dogs in a spot where they will behave better! That large picture window with its continuous parade of dogs, people, and the UPS truck, drive my dogs crazy! I need them away from all that visual stimulation.

So I have done some doggie and human redecorating. My sunroom, which is my office, and never has been comfortable, although full of old Bar Harbor white wicker, has been turned into a den. I've moved my great old paint cupboard to the back wall, and made room for a Salvation Army couch (like new, $115.00) and a Last Chance Thrift Store comfy chair and ottoman (like new, for $30). Yeah, eat your heart out. I know where to shop! And you can buy some of my great finds at The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques at very reasonable prices too!

The antique wicker is going to my late husband's cousin in Bloomington, Indiana. She remembers it from the old lake house and it needs to go back to her! She and my husband had many fun times as kids in that house, surrounded by this wicker. I also needed it out of chewer Bray's teeth!

My living room sports a new chair (Salvation Army, $99.00) and a ....please let me brag.....Tommy Bahama sofa from the same Salvation Army for $360.00. That's more than this thrifty shopper likes to pay, but if you Google my sofa, it retails new for $2999.00.

Yes the dogs sleep on it too. But they spend the days in our lovely sunroom den. I like to nap in there with them, so most days when I am at home we are all cuddling in my new den.

Our evenings are spent in the living room with Tommy Bahama relaxing and watching TV. The couch is so high I had to buy a footstool for chubby Annabelle to crawl up to cuddle next to me on Tommy. No matter how much a piece is valued, it is of no value to me if we can't all snuggle on it!

It is amazing how well behaved they are away from my picture window.

Wouldn't you like to join us for a cup of coffee in my new doggie sunroom?

I can see clearly now...Chloe has a bird's eye view of yard.

Bray ready to party down, hope he won't eat quilt. He is a chewer!
Rascal finds her new spot in the sun so relaxing!
full couch
Foxy looking for a place on the floor.
Foxy likes to sleep behind the computer chair. Her old bones don't like to be jarred getting on furniture any more.
Rascal wondering if she should try to get up
All by myself....
Annabelle likes to keep the couch to herself most afternoons
I think it's time for a nap. Hey, Annabelle, better move that big butt of yours! Mine is joining you!

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