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Thursday, October 7, 2010

When A Man Loves A Woman - A Favorite Percy Sledge Song

In this case it's more like when your male dog loves a doll! I came across these old photos of my late dog Jake, that ninety-five pound dog that showed up in my yard and ruled my life for twelve years. He passed away in April 2009 and started me on my hunt for rescue dogs to fill my heart. His was a good death. I did not have to make the choice to put him down. Although he had no use of his hind legs for months following the death of my husband, he had a spirit that loved every moment he was here. Even when he couldn't walk and I lifted him with a rear end sling he was smiling. He loved the attention and he loved food. Love and food, two good reasons to smile. And this dog could smile. He left me when he was ready. You can read about Jake in my book, The Unfaithful Widow!

Selling on Ebay for years, both my dogs, Foxy and Jake, were used to being photographed for my bio page (ME page) on Ebay. I slipped a little vintage handmade Raggedy Ann doll by Jake one day, and I think they fell in love.

Back in 1988 I started a newsletter, RAGS, on collecting Raggedy Ann dolls. Owned and published it for thirteen years. I sold it to a newspaper owner in Arcola, the birthplace of Johnny Gruelle, the creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy. It is now called Rags Magazine and if you love Raggedy Ann click here and check it out.

These photos brought back so many memories. Made me think of that old song by Percy Sledge and I am humming it as I post, but I think I'm singing when a dog loves a doll.

Old Jake sure loved this doll.

Widow Lesson Learned: Love knows no boundaries!


Marlene said...

Sweet pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE Raggedy Ann! I have lots of memories of my mom making them as gifts. Even made a few myself!

gpc said...

Such a sweet photo of an obviously sweet dog.

Doreen Lombardo said...

As a dog lover, just want to say, I love your blog!!!!!

Flourishing Networks said...

Oh that is sooo cute!!!!