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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Here is the skinny. I joined a gym. Awesome.

My new hot spot, Ladies Workout Express

I just came back from a session with my personal trainer. She is twenty-six, has three kids, skinny as a rail, eats ice cream and looks eighteen. I look worn out in my sad gym outfit. Denim capris, a one size fits all T with a smart chick on the front of it, oversized New Balance shoes that make my feet feel like they are stuck in buckets. I have to stand in front of the mirror, next to this adorable girl and watch myself lift weights. It is the closest moment to hell I've had in some time. I joined the gym a week ago, hired a personal trainer and am determined this is my year to glow, even if just from the sweat. Know what, I am feeling great. After one week. How cool is that?
I look like the me I was when my husband died. I did loose fifteen pounds the first few months, they have come back to visit me again. But I am sluggish. I have never been sluggish. I sit writing on the computer until 4 AM some mornings. My inner clock is confused. What time is it? I am confused. What day is it? Inner clock and I are having a meeting of the minds. I am exercising and getting us both on track.
Here are my ground rules to the personal trainer. I am paying for my sessions so I want some say!
I want to work with weights and machines. If I wanted to be on the floor doing leg kicks I'd stay at home. Check box one, no floor exercises.
"Let's get your weight and measurements." She was so perky. "No, I think not." I was so determined. "I'll know changes when I see them."
Numbers don't matter. I feel the same with age. Don't box me in with figures. The point of this adventure is to feel better, move with more grace and feel hot. Not hot flash hot, but hot and sexy looking.
It is not a numbers game for me, it is a state of mind situation. She agreed. So I love working with her.
I ride the exercise bike for five minutes to warm up. Last week we worked on my upper body, this week my legs. They are still moving after today's workout, so that is a plus.
After my session with the trainer I ride the bike for thirty minutes. Long, boring minutes. I try to read. I drop my book. I try to watch TV but it is hard for me to see the captions from that distance. I think I will take music next visit. I'll groove while I move.
If I sound like a wus, I may be. But I'll be a strong wus soon.
My pet photographer recommended the gym. It is low key, a power gym for women only. I love that.
She told me about it when she came to take my "professional" photo for my media kit. I was grumpy (rare for me, but it happens) and uptight. Had been dreading the session. Instead of doing my hair and fixing my makeup I was cleaning dog poop off the floor when she arrived. Now that's a way to look your best. It did make me laugh, the situation was so silly,  so my smile was big. April In Paris was my dog partner for the shoot. She was more glamorous than I was. Pity. But she is a diva. Check out my photographer's web Rupa K. Photography. That girl can photograph dogs! The gym came up as a way for me to relax. I have been up late writing, yet again, and marketing my book. My health taking a back table. Rupa convinced me to start taking care of myself. It works. I have a glow. I need a shower, but I think I'll leave the sweat glistening on my skin. It's salty and maybe the dogs will kiss me. I am my own cocktail, a salty dog! Yum. I'll keep you posted on how this all works out.
Widow Lesson Learned: Sweat makes you glow and washes away the grim in your brain.


Becky (So Very Blessed) said...

I can definitely relate to your gym comments! I'm so jealous of people who can read and exercise at the same time! I am NOT one of them!

Antique ART Garden said...

Awesome ! No more staying up to all hours in front of a computer screen as it will mess up your circadian rhythms that help you sleep, and lose weight ! You need darkness to get your melatonin to do it's best job. I'm rooting for you ! take care, Gina

Audrey said...

Does my heart good to see someone wanting to get some exercise. As long as it's you and not me. At 82 I am 110 pounds and look like something your dogs mangled. The most exercise I do is open the refrigerator door and hope to find something that will put some weight on me. At twenty I looked good at this weight. Now I'm the flab queen. Keep it up, gal. I'm rooting for you. Audrey

gpc said...

I tell everyone I hate hate hate to exercise. I have become a slug. But just a very few years ago I was addicted to Jazzercise, couldn't get enough of it, danced out of bed in the morning and wiggled my way through the day. What happened?! I'm glad you are regaining your glow. I wish I could figure out how to reclaim my wiggle.

Micki said...

Good luck with the gym...I admire your persistence!